Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016

Paraguay is SO awesome!  Loving every minute.  I will admit... the field is WAY harder than I expected, but it is making me a way better person.  My trainer companion is Hermana Scott.  2 words... LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!  I know the Lord answers prayers.  She is who I wanted and she just always amazes me.  She is from Utah!  We get along so well and always make the best out of everything.  So we are over San Jorge.  It is more in the city...but not in the city city.  Fun fact, we are "pink washing" this area, so basically we are figuring out the area together. They haven't had missionaries in our area for a couple of months.   We are in a Branch, but hopefully we will help with attendance and getting new members.  We have a baptismal date set and I couldn't be happier. I have been singing a lot.  Hermana Scott and I sing hymns everytime before we teach. It truly brings the spirit to the room.  I am improving on my espanol and I couldn't be more grateful for the gift of tongues and Hermana Scott. I try and remember that I have only been out 7 days! The people are so humble here and have so much faith.  A member in our ward had us over to teach and they told us about their son Alexander who just recently passed away.... he was 17 and was planning on serving a mission.  He didn't know how to swim and drowned.  They told me that with my last name and the love that I had for this family, they were able to have hope and know that he is with God and Jesus Christ.  It made me feel honored to know that I can remind them of him in a possitive way.  I seriously feel the love that God has for His children in Paraguay. Adjusting to the paraguay life hasn't been bad at all....just need constant patience with the language.  It is fun to experience a new life style.  It is surprisingly really cold....I mean really cold! hahaha We wear beanies, jackets, and thermals and we can't wear pants until the summer when the mosquitos are out!  The collectivos are super fun to ride on.  I feel like Indiana Jones haha there are no speed limits and babies ride on motorcycles.  My P days are on Mondays and I am able to be on for two hours.  We basically eat rice, sandwiches, lots of pan, cereal haha We should have more meals lined up soon, but for awhile we are supplying the food! Glad to hear that everything is well with the family.  I love you all so much.  The hiking pictures are amazing! We walk everywhere and sometimes take the collectivos. I'll have to check our mail.  Love you and thanks for always thinking of me.  Truly feel your prayers. Take Care! 


Hermana Alexander

Trainer companion Sister Scott..Love her!

Yummy sandwiches!

Beautiful Paraguay!

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