Monday, July 10, 2017


I cannot fully express how amazing this week went. SO MANY BLESSINGS! We visited Carmen again and she told us that she prayed and knows that this church is true.  Hermana Gomez and I were beyond excited! She attended church with us along with her mom.  We are now  teaching her mom and she is very interested in the church.  We also met her other daughter and we are going to teach her along with her husband.  Carmen has a baptism date set for the 29th and we are hoping that her mom, sister, and brother in-law can accept a baptism date as well further down the road.  We also had an activity yesterday with the missionaries in our zone. From now on we are going to help each other out every sunday and work in our areas - so this week everyone in our zone came and helped us receive more investigators and references.  I did a division with Hermana Christenson.  She is just barely ending her first 6 weeks in the mission field. We sure had a good day together.  It's going to be fun finding out what area we'll work in next Sunday.  We have zone conference tomorrow.  It will be interesting to see what will be talked about tomorrow.  Oh, I also have been introduced to a lot of the members.  I loved meeting the Lucas Family and the Chavez family.  We had a good laugh with the Chavez family about nino jesus - we barely could get through a normal prayer.  SO much happened this week and I can't quite remember everything.  I have been really good about writing in my Journal and plan to do so everyday until the end of my mission.  Next week I will bring my journal so that I can write you more details, but what I have written is pretty much the best of the this week.  LOVE YOU ALL! SHOUT OUT TO DAVD! SOUTH AMERICA IS THE BEST! (ps changes are in two weeks! AWW 3 more for me) I think Itagua will be my last area, but we will see! 

Hermana Alexander

Happy 4th of July!

Cutest puppies..We named them Jasper & Jacob!

Love this spot!

Beautiful sunsets!

Yummy waffle!

It is such a pretty city! Lots of little shops and stuff!

Monday, July 3, 2017

July 3, 2017

Hey! I don't have much time to write, but I just want to say that I love you guys! Loved the Temple picture of the Alexander clan.  Dad looks so skinny! You all look so great! Emily looks amazing and so happy! I am sure the wedding and reception was really nice.  I finally got my package! I dont have time to send pictures, but will send one next week along with a 4th of July picture! My comp and I loved all the goods.  This week was quite a week.  I got sick as well and took a long time to recover.  Had a really high fever for a couple of days.  Sure felt the prayers.  I actually recieved a blessing and it quoted a scripture in D&C how when we go through lots of afflictions, there are blessings.  We also have a picture of Christ on our wall and I couldnt help but think that our Savior knew exactly how hna Gomez and I felt.  Luckily we attended church and were out all day today.  I am excited for this upcoming week.  Crazy news - got a call about flight info awww also funny thing - we were on a collectivo and this guy rapped about me haha well this cypher is going to close, but my comp wants to write her family tomorrow and I want more time so expect me to be online.  LOVE YOU

Hey just wanted to say HAPPY 4th of JULY! I am online...hoping you guys are online too P day was good! We went to Asuncion and stopped by luque.  We went to lunch and spent some time with other missionaries. My day is going pretty well today.  We had a reunion with the missionaries.  We have one every tuesday.  I have to go, but was so nice to chat for a sec LOVE YOU!