Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017


It feels so good to be back in PJC!  Hermana Gonzalez and I have been super blessed with finding new investigators (catch up from missed time in Campo Grande) We recieved so many references and lessons from the members.  Our good friend Diego (we re-activated him) introduced us to his friend, Javier.  We have taught the first 3 lessons to him and he even went to church this Sunday! We also contacted the Deleon family.  We have had such great lessons with them.  We are going to set up a date with them this week for their baptisms.  We had a really good lesson with them about the Plan of Salvation and they were really into it.  The hermana, Ester has really great comments and just gets it.  We also started teaching the son of MariaHelena and Ramon.  We have been teaching him and his wife - they sure need this gospel.  I have really been learning more about this restored gospel and have a HUGE appreciation for Jose smith and the early members.  We have been watching the Restoration movie with our less actives and have been sharing the talk from the liahona that we need to share this gospel.  
The changes for us in South America are exciting! We have a longer P Day and we can wake up at 7:30 now and get home at 10.  I was stoked about the change for the morning! Being a trainer is seriously such a blessing! I have learned so much already!  Working with Hermana Gonzalez is the BEST!  I know I am the trainer, but I have learned so much from her. I know the Lord wanted us together - we both conncect really well with the people here and work really well together.  I know when I leave, PJC will be in good hands. She is very spunky just like me haha.  She is fluent in both English and Spanish! BLESSING!!!!!  WHAT IS CRAZY.. TODAY IS MY 8 MONTH MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time seriously goes by so fast! hahaha I will for sure send you pictures from his birthday! I love you and I cannot wait to hear back from yall.  Share this Gospel! 


Hermana Alexander

Enjoying my last few days with Hermana Rodrigues!

Loved serving with Hermana Christiansen & Hermana Bravo in Campo Grande!

I might have put the cake in Elder Paradas face haha

So amazing being back on the grounds of the Paraguay Temple and Meeting 
Hermana Gonzales!

Never a dull moment!

On our way back to Pedro Juan!

Monday, January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017

HEYYYYYYYYY from Campo Grande and the Mission Office! This week was a pretty normal week until Weds.  Hermana Rodriguez and I left for Asuncion and arrived in Campo Grande at 5 in the morning.  Her comp was aready there so they left and started working in Loma.  I did trios with Christiansen and Hermana Bravo.  We sure had a great day of work together.  The next day we had breakfast at Presidents house and celebrated Elder Paradas Birthday.  We had homemade pancakes from the Evans.  SOOOOO I am currently in Campo Grande.....after 5 days here.  Of course I am working, but it is more like a vacation.  We leave here tonight at 10:30.  I also picked up my daughter in the mission haha, Hermana Gonzalez from the airport with the Hermana leaders.  She is from CALIFORNIA!  We have so much in common! She is American, but her parents are from Mexico! ( such a blessing ) We later did divisions with the hermana leaders and then spent the other nights doing divisions with hermana Christiansen and hermana Bravo.  We have been helping with the work a lot here in campo grande.  I can't send pictures which is a bit of a bummer and I don't have much time cause I am borrowing this from Travis ( presidents son) but I love you guys and I will make sure to send lots of pictures next week. Oh funniest thing - I put the cake in Elder Paradas face! The members sure had a good laugh! 

Hermana Alexander

Monday, January 16, 2017

January 16, 2016


Ready......I am going to have a daugther in the mission - which means that I am going to be a TRAINER!  I could not believe it when President told me!  We had Zone Conference and interviews.  My interview was one to write in the books.  President and I were just discussing the work and then he was like I have something to tell you, but I think I will tell you later this change...nope I will just tell you haha So there are two new missionaries and they need comps and can't be the Lord thinks you and Hermana Rodriguez are ready! We are a bit bummed that we can't finish this change together, but we are sure making the most out of the days we have left.  We are heading to Asuncion tomorrow night (I believe tomorrow night or weds).  Hermana Rodriguez is going to be finishing with a new missionary in Asuncion.  My new comp is from the states and has't been in the mission field yet (she has been waiting for her visa) .  It's going to be different but good!...hoping she knows some Spanish haha So this is sure exciting news! I know this assignment will help me! I am really excited! Sure helped having Latina Comps as well!  Oh and I will be staying here in Pedro Juan for 2 more changes for sure  (if everything is normal) 
During Zone Conference we discussed our studies and the Plan of Salvation. Finding Investigators that want to progress has been a bit of a challenge.  We find people, but they haven't been really keeping their commitments.  I actually had a great impression during Sacrament Meeting.  So I don't know if you remember Hermano Antonio (less active)...well his (wife) has been an eternal investigator and has such a sincere desire to get baptized.  I know that Hermanao Antonio can be reactivated and then hermana can get baptized (they also need to get married).  We will for sure continue to work with them.  I did get a bit sick this week as well.  Just a runny nose (part of my cold) and a bit of a fever, but I am all good now.  It Sounds like you and the family are sure doing well...keeping busy! I sure love you guys! Please pray that we can find progressing investigators and that I can do well with training! Awww I am really excited! Super fun that Grandma and Grandpa are living by us! I love you all and can't wait to tell you about this upcoming week! Also invite everyone to read the Book of Mormon.  It truly is a blessing that we have this book.  With finding new people we have talked a lot about the Book of Mormon.  This book is evidence of the truthfulness of the gospel and we can feel the truth when we read it.  The Book of Mormon is what helps convert us.  Anywho just a spiritual thought that I just had haha


Hermana Alexander

President & Sister Evans got a puppy..Holly!

 I got my name tag in Portuguese!!

Happy Birthday Elder Da Silva!

Celebrating at our District meeting!

Visiting Ramon! 

Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9, 2017


This week started off super great....we can drink COKE! hahaha We had a District Meeting and we have new rules and ways of working in the mission.  Now our main focus is finding new investigators and teaching them.  We of course still need to visit our less actives and recent converts, but our main focus is contacting and finding new people and having baptsims.  We are loving being apart of hastening the work here in Paraguay. Serving a mission is the best thing you can do.
This week Hermana Rodriguez and I were able to meet new people - Sabrina and Serhija.  Hermana Rodriguez got super sick so for three days we were without work.  We tried going out, but she could barley last a couple of minutes.  We have bonded during our time in the house. I took good care of her and made sure she had water and everything that she needed.  It made time at home go faster reading and visiting...she would sleep most of the day so I would be with the family in our yard.  I hung out with Mathias also.  I also played a tiny bit of soccer with Gabbi and Mathias and they couldn't believe how many goals I made haha.  I read a lot of talks in the Liahona and have watched pretty much all the church movies.  I was able to read a talk that President Hinkley gave in this months Liahona about having a positive attitude and helping others reach their potential.  I was a bit bummed that we couldn't go out and work, but stayed positive and loved the time that I spent with my comp and also the family that we live with. Hna Rodriguez received a blessing of health and I received a blessing of counsel.  It was a great experience.  Hermano Ramon gave us food as well.  We keep having crazy weather.  Heat, rain, more heat. 
Also the family from Brazil gave me a hymn book in Portuguese.  They even wrote a bit in it too.  When we were with them we sang hymns.  It is pretty neat! I will have it forever.  It is a book from their chapel....a bit beaten down but that's what makes it cool too.  I know I need to sing more! Baptisms, church, etc...but I sing in our lessons sometimes.  I am helping with my comps english...writing song lyrics in english.  She is writing lyrics too but in spanish for me. 
AWWWWW Maryn looks so good!  I know her talk was amazing.  I got the video of her song.  I was in tears! She is such a great example.  I am so grateful for my family and this gospel. What more can I ask for haha  I cannot wait for this upcoming week.  Trying to make everyday count. I feel like my mission is going by so
fast! So crazy! I love you all.  Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!  I love you so much and I really hope that you and the family have such a good week! I sure love hearing from you guys!  Send everyone my love!

Hermana Alexander

Monday, January 2, 2017

January 2, 2017


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe we are in the year of 2017.  Where has the time gone???? Looks like you guys had a great new years! Loved the pictures that you took in San Francisco! AWWWWW MARYN IS HOMMMMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! She looks so good! 
I have a new companion - Hermana Rodriguez from ECUADOR!  She is seriously such a great missionary and has such a strong testimony. This week we had some amazing lessons together.  When she first arrived she was like heyyyyy whatsss upppppp! Automatic friendship hahaha I sure love people from Ecuador - was with Hermana Maldonado and now with Hermana Rodriguez. She has a really neat story- She is a recent convert! You know I love RECENT CONVERTS. She actually reminds me a lot of Kimmie! She is learning English with me.. singing hymns. The people here were really happy that I stayed.  They love Hermana Rodriguez as well which makes me so happy! I know that we will change our rama for the better.  I know the Lord knows exactly who the people need right now - me and hna Rodriguez.  New Years was fun here! Lots of fireworks, gun shots, food, drunk people, music haha the usual.  We spent must of our New years with the members that were still in town.  Our attendance this week..... hahaha our President and his family weren't there because they were out of town along with our Rama.  
This Sunday we were intorduced to Helena.  She attended church with her aunt and uncle 
(who were visiting from Brazil) we later visited her and talked about the Restoration of this gospel.  We also shared the Joseph Smith video (we are using videos now - they really help)  She is very prepared.  We were apart of an answer to her aunt and uncles prayers.  In relief society, Hna Rodriguez and I discussed the Book of Mormon.  What was neat was that while we were discussing what we should share beforehand I had a huge impression to speak on the Book of Mormon.  Also in our Sunday school class the Book of Mormon was discussed and knowing the truth through the Holy Ghost and prayer.  
We are sure working hard to find new people.  Mariela, Lidia, Fatima, and Emy are still working towards their baptism.  We were able to share the gospel with the husband of Emy.  This was sure a huge blessing!  Hermana Cordova left which was a bitter sweet moment for both of us.  She emailed me today! Looks like she is sure happy to be home! We also found a new investigator Dioniso.  He believes in God and Jesus, but doesnt really think we need a religion.  We are going to try and change his opinion haha Please pray for the Flia Diez and Hno Antonio.  They have so many blessings waiting.  I know a few extra prayers will help.  Sure glad to still be in Pedro Juan.  I love it here!  I hope you guys have a good week! LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU.  Give Maryn a huge hug for me at her Farewell.

Hermana Alexander

"The roads turn into rivers!"

Three of my favorite companions!