Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29, 2016


This week was the start of new changes in the mission!  Luckily since I'm a new missionary and still in training, I get to stay with Hermana Scott (my mother of the mission) and in San Jorge! The next change might be crazy....  Anywho! I LOVED THE SCRIPTURES IN ALMA CHAPTER 13 VERSES 28 AND 29 that you sent me last P Day.  Hermana Scott and I shared them with some of the people that we visited.  We also have taught a lot about saying sincere prayers.  A lot of people here need to learn how to truly pray.  It makes me so happy to hear someone and even help them truly pray for the first time.  
I had a really spiritual experience with this elderly couple who are less active and have been having a hard time.  The spirit was so strong that the Hermana and I both cried.  I told her that she and her husband needed to have full confidence in the Lord.  She is Pablo's grandma, who is our good friend in the ward.  He should be getting his mission call in a couple of months.  I am hoping that he will go English speaking.  Pablos friend Mikeas has been to church for 2 weeks now.  Hermana Scott and I are hopefully going to set up a baptismal date with him.  Pablo has also been with us when we have visted Mikeas.  Sandra is progressing, but needs to attend church.  We also met her mom during our last visit so we are hoping we can teach Sandra and her mom.  We have also been teaching Rocio and her two adorable kiddos.  She keeps telling us that she loves to listen to us and that her daughter who is 8 says the same thing.  We were able to have family prayer with them and everyone kneeled.  Hermana Scott offered the prayer.  THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG! We are continuing to work hard.  We keep on contacting people and are meeting more and more people.  Victoria is in a sticky situation...she is 14 and told us that she prayed and knows for herself that this church is true.  Her father does not want her to attend church, but he said we can visit.  We are praying that he will go with her one of these Sundays....please pray for her father and sister, that their hearts will be softened. 
Noche de Hogar was fun with Andrea and her family.  Her husband Dannie talked about prayer as well. Overall this week has been a good week! No place I would rather be.  Oh here is something interesting! At Maria Lousias we ate cow intestines! lol anywho wasn't so bad hahaha 
Oh I forgot to tell you..I had an allergic reaction lol but thankfully now my face is better! Hermana Scott and I thought it was going to explode! Luckily Hermana Scott had some allergy medicine which helped! Also, it is the start of the rainy season! We were going to have a zone activity and visit the Stadium of Paraguay's soccer teams Olymipia, but the weather is so bad.  It's super cold and coco sounds good haha and yes I have my boots on!   
It seems like everything is going well with you and the family. Awwwww Caroline looks so good!  She will be one amazing missionary! I hope you gave her a hug for me! :) That would be such a good experience for the family to go to conference!  I seriously cannot wait! I am glad mikey is enjoying is seminary.  That is also awesome that school is going well for everyone.  Is it nice having some time???? I sure love you guys! YAY about the package! Always nice having a piece of home.  How was the Temple with Kristin??? 

I lovveeeeee you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Hermana Alexander

Alma 13:28-29
28 But that ye would humble yourselves before the Lord, and call on His holy name, and watch and pray continually, that ye may not be tempted above that which ye can bear, and thus be led by the Holy Spirit, becoming humble, meek, submissive, patient, full of love, and all long-suffering;
29 Having faith on the Lord; having a hope that ye shall receive eternal life; having the love of God always in your hearts, that ye may be lifted up at the last day and enter into his rest.

Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016

HEYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!  This week was Marlenes Baptism!  I love her so much!  She had such a beautiful baptismal service on Saturday.  The spirit was so strong and she truly had the light of Christ's "glow" after she arose from the water.  What was neat was that she told Hermana Scott and I that as she was walking into the font that she had a memory of doing this before.  AH! I know that she will be a great example to her family.  In church as she was receiving the Holy Ghost the words which were spoken were so beautiful.  She kept telling us that she felt so happy and so much peace.  The gospel is such a blessing.  
I have been thinking about repentance a lot and it is so wonderful that our Savior, Jesus Christ died for us so that we may be forgiven and can constantly change for the better through repentance and His Atonement.  Marlenes mother is a member, but hasn't been at church for the longest time.  It was such a huge blessing that she came and supported Marlene on Saturday! (was a cold winter day too) .  She gave me the biggest hug and thanked Hermana Scott and I.  She was with us when we taught Marlene for the first time (when Marlene accepted the baptismal question) 
Remember Laura - we got ourselves a new investigator!  We were introduced to her friend Sandra (they were neighbors) .  She is 16 and loves this gospel.  Laura and her family already moved to the Chaco but Sandra was out when we were passing by and was like, they moved and then she asked if we could teach her!  She told us that her and Laura talked a lot about the gospel. And of course we taught her!  We are preparing her for her baptism which hopefully will be on Sept. 17.  We also want to set her up with Maria Lousias boy LOL we are going to have him do some visits with us this week haha.  Also this week Hermana Scott and I along with our District decided to be better with contacts.  On Sunday after church when we were heading to a Lesson, we decided to contact EVERYONE on the streets haha In 20 minutes we contacted 41 people, including some drunk people (probably the last time we do that lol ) 
We also visited Hermana Caballero twice this week - the first time we visited her we discussed  3 Nephi 11:15.  It is where Jesus Christ has the people touch his hands and feet one by one. We also talked about the Book Of Mormon and the Holy Ghost.  What was cool was that we taught her son and his wife who are of a different faith.  The spirit was so strong and BOY the gift of tongues was totally with me and helped me tell them what they needed to hear. On our second visit we wanted to make sure her granddaughter was alright.  She just recently had her apendix removed.  She is well and handled it great!  She is only 5.  Hermana Scott and I sang hymns with her and we talked about prayer.   I gave her along with Hermana Caballero a CTR ring.  The people here love the CTR rings.  Would love to get some more if you can get some :) oh and the stickers! The kiddos love those.  Overall this week has been a good one!  We also found this new area that we had no idea existed.  We did some contacting, but need to explore it more.  We met a family that we are for sure going to contact again.  Tonight we are doing a Family Home Evening with Andrea and Dannie and their cute baby Ieker along with Andreas siblings (She has sisters for pretty much all the boys in our family haha) They are cuties! Everything looks good at home!  That is seriously so awesome that Joey received the priesthood! And yah have Matthew tell me about his blessing!  Have him read it often! Thanks for sending me pictures!  Sure is nice being kept up to date with peoples lives haha Ellee and her BUMP!  SOOOOOOOO CUTEEEEE! Tell ASH congrats! SO exciting about Jamie too!!!! Lots of happy things are happening! 
LOVVVVVEEEEEEE YOUUUU ALLLLLLL! How is having some no kiddo time????????  When I read the package note I told Hermana Scott and we were cheering haha  Thanks for your prayers and support!  Tell everyone back home hello!!!!!! 


Hermana Alexander

3 Nephi 11:15  And it came to pass that the multitude went forth, and thrust their hands into his side, and did feel the prints of the nails in his hands and in his feet; and this they did do, going forth one by one until they had all gone forth, and did see with their eyes and did feel with their hands, and did know of a surety and did bear record, that it was he, of whom it was written by the prophets, that should come.

Such a happy Day!

Love her so much!

Hermano Gonzales is the best!  He gives us lots of references and introduced us to Marlene!

Marlene and Hermano Bael..We want them to get married haha (they both don't know this) His dad is in the presidency in our ward.  We are close with his family.  We have lunch with them every week! Lunch is our only meal..they don't do dinners!

We had two jumpsuits and they were huge! We were like Marlene cannot wear this! Luckily we found another one!

Hermana Scott is an amazing artist! Funny story..We have weekly meetings with Hermano Franco who is our Ward Mission Leader.  He helped us plan the baptism so we gave him a thank you card.  When we did a weekly meeting, the thing she drew actually happened! We cried and laughed so hard!  He also has the cutest kiddos!

Hugest frog ever!

Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016

As the Jonas Brothers would say- IM BURNIN UP BURNIN UP FOR THIS GOSPEL
This week started off super well and became a bit difficult due to the fact that I was sick :( But all is well. I am seriously so grateful for my Father in Heaven.  He sure helps me get through things that I cannot do alone.  He is aware of my needs and everyones.  I will give an example- so during the week I had been having uncomfortable stomach pains along with some other things.  Friday we stayed home all day and I was able to rest and felt a bit better.  Saturday I was able to get through the whole day and work as I usually do.  Early Sunday morning...around (1:45 am) I threw up.  I asked for the strength to be able to go to church and at least feel well enough to give my talk in Sacrament meeting. I talked about Baptismal covenants and how we should sacrafice our time and efforts for the Lords work.  I shared the Scripture in D&C 97:8 which reads, Verily I say unto you, all among them who know their hearts are honest, and are broken, and their spirits contrite, and are willing to observe their covenants by sacrifice--yea, every sacrifice which I, the Lord, shall command--they are accepted of me. It's a good one!  The Lord was SO merciful and I was able to get through all of church.  When we arrived home I felt awful again with a rising fever. I called Hermana Evans and she told me to ask the Elders to give me a blessing.  I called our Zone leaders and our ward mission leader Hermano Franco.  They were so amazing and took time out of their day to give me a blessing.  What was funny is that the Elders were on Divisions so I had 4 Elders come to our house along with Hermano Franco.  I am so grateful for the Priesthood.  It truly is the power of God.  I didnt even tell Elder Hunter that I had stomach pains and in the blessing it was so specific and the Lord told me through Elder Hunter that "You will have peace in your stomach. The pain will go away. This will pass and you will be healed." It truly was a great and unforgetable experience.  After the blessing I just slept for the rest of day and I seriously felt brand new.  It was like the pains and sickness never happened..I was even able to eat a burger from McDonalds haha.(Hermana Belen gave us that for lunch on Saturday)  Besides being sick the times where I was able to stand and live were so great haha A lady I contacted asked if I was from Brazil lol She said that I talk like a person from there! I hope that was a good thing..I took it as a good thing haha
Last Monday on P day Hermana Scott and I took the wrong Collectivo trying to get to the city and ended up in San Lorenzo! We just laughed!  We didnt end up going to the party, but had an adventure and actually had quite the adventure going back home.  We were in so much traffic and were getting sick from the collectivos so we walked part of the way back hahaha Another crazy thing is that Hermana Scott and I ripped out a weed plant lol. It belonged to a guy that just recently got the priesthood who wanted to cherish this moment with us.  I testified about the priesthood with him and basically told him that with unworthiness you won't have the power. I was proud of him for letting go of this past habit.  
We had lunches lined up this week and 3 times in a row we had gnocchi.  They are really yummy.  Hermana Scott and I were like what if we get gnocchi everyday this week....we pretty much did lol 
We were able to visit Pablos 's (a recent convert who is preparing to serve a mission - he comes along with us to teach sometimes) extended family who are less active and have been having a hard time- The grandpa has had 2 byepass surgeries and it has effected everyone..not in the most positive way.  I really felt the love that Heavenly Father has for them and I shared Doctrina y Convenios 50:24 It expresses how God is light and the more we rely on Him our light will become brighter and brighter.  I compared how the light is like fe.  It is a continual action.  We had some great moments and Pablos's grandma came to church this Sunday.  Hermana Scott and I couldn't believe it.  We were so happy to have her there! We had 71 people attend and they were all less actives.  Sad news is that Laura is leaving and going to the chaco with her family so we can't teach or visit her anymore.  We get to visit her for the last time on wednesday.  Good news is that Marlene got a new job!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has been able to attend church and has a ligther work schedule and SHE IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY AT 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hermana Scott and I are preparing a musical number.  Seriously cannot wait for Saturday!  I cannot believe that I have officially been in Paraguay for 1 month! Next week will mark 3 months in the mission!  I am so excited for Riley and Conner! That is seriously so awesome!  I am sure Dallins homecoming was amazing! That is so fun that you and dad were able to go to a dance.  Seriously tell everyone hiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!! TELL JOE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Let him know that I will celebrate for him here in Paraguay! Tell the boys goodluck with school and I cannot wait to hear how the first week went! 


Hermana Alexander

D&C 50:24 That which is of God is light; and he that receiveth light and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day.  

So blessed to be meeting all of these amazing families!

Reminds me of trying to take a picture with my little brothers haha  

Cutest little guy!

Hermana Scott and I on paper haha

Beautiful Sunsets!

Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8, 2016

DON'T STOP BELIEVING! As Journey would say.....
Hey! This week has been another great week.  Many unforgettable experiences happenend.  First off we had zone conference which was seriously amazing!  We learned so much and it was nice to be able to talk with President Evans one on one.  He comforted me about the language.  I have actually been more confident with the language and have been able to flow with the lessons and be able to say more of what I actually want to say...AND I MAKE SENSE HAHA  I asked our new Investigator Laura the Baptismal Question!  She is 19 and has two kids with this guy that she lives with.  We are praying that he will get his act together...he has some issues with the word of wisdom. Hopefully he will be interested in the gospel and listen to one of the lessons with Laura.  
The Lord has been so merciful to us this week.  First off, he protected us from jumpers.  Last Monday after we emailed, we went out to eat.  They didn't ask us for our drink order and gave us my mission we aren't allowed to drink coke.  Of course we were obedient and just threw away the drinks.  Later that night we were walking and we came across some jumpers and their van.  The spirit told me- if you have had that coke you and Hermana Scott would have gotten jumped.  I truly believe this.  The jumpers didn't even look at us.  We are so safe because of the Lord.  I seriously have never felt safer lol Hermana Scott was feeling spunky this week and she had me dye her first it was way too red but we recolored it and it looks quite good! I'll send some pictures.  We had a pretty good time. In her words - She looks dang HOT haha I was actually pretty proud of myself! 
Hermana Scott and I have been so careful with listening to the spirit....another story - we were walking to go to one of our Investigators homes and Hermana Scott felt impressed not to go this we didn't.  We decided to go another way and then we felt that we shouldn't go this way either -there was a naked guy sooooo we found another way!....-Hermana Scott was like is he naked and I was like yahhh - ( luckily the sun was super bright haha) finally we ended up where we needed to be.  We also didn't have any food and our lunch with a member got cancelled...what did the Lord do...bring the ice cream man and afterwards we started our fast.  Seriously the Lord knows our needs. 
I had a good experience with a less active mother.  We went over the scripture that talks about God is light and how when we turn to him our light and faith grows stronger.  She has the sweetest girl Shirley who I just adore.  We are praying for her everyday.  This Sunday was such a great Testimony Meeting.  We had the attendance of 72!  The less actives that we taught this week came! Some even came two Sundays in a row! These members haven't been going in the longest time!  It seriously makes me so happy to see them come!  The members and investigators that we have been teaching have also seen my progress with the language and have been expressing how much better I am.  Hermano Blanco finally warmed up to me and we are homies! haha We have five new investigators this week Victoria, Rosa, Nene, Luara, and Dionisio.  
Also Hermana Scott and I have been trying hard to be heathly ( homemade smoothies are our life) .  We ran this week which I serioulsy love and one of the members in our ward has workout stuff and said we can use them!  Seriously how cool is that????  Today for p day we are going into the city to celebrate some missionaries birthdays. 
I seriously love how great everyone is doing back home!  Keep me updated with the Olympics!  Saturday there was soccer game and everyone was watching and having parties!  I seriously cannot believe that Mikey Mike is going to be a Freshman! HOLY COW! That will be such a great experience for him to have Matthew with him.  AND PLEASE let me know how the blessing goes for Matthew!  I am sad that I wont be there! Ellee's baby shower looked so great!  Tell the family hello!  The weather is making me a bit day it is super hot and then the next day it's freezing cold and raining. Don't worry though..I am good haha LOVE YOU ALLL AND HAVE A GREAT WEEK! 


Hermana Alexander

Happy Hermanas serving the Lord in Paraguay!

Pathways through Paraguay!

Reptiles in Paraguay..I guess it could be worse haha

I love the people here!

Love this little girl so much!

Such an amazing family!

Don't worry..we didn't drink it!

Spunky Hermana Scott wants to go red!!!

I did a pretty good job haha

Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016

This week has been a great week.  The work is really coming along.  We have 6 new Investigators which is amazing!  We have helped our chuch attendance - we had 66 this Sunday.  We visited our minos activos and the people we visited came!  One even gave the opening prayer.  The Lord is seriously amazing and amazes me everyday.  We had divisions so I worked with Hermana Jara in Campo Grande which is in the City, a little bit away from San Jorge.  It was neat to see the difference in these two areas.  I met Hermana Jara's recent convert who is 13.  We read a bit from The Strength of Youth with her.  Divisions are for 1 day.  It made me realize how blessed I am to be in San Jorge.  The people are more humble and accepting.  I am learning constantly and enjoying everyday.
I am doing so well!  Utah seriously looked so fun!  Glad ya'll had a great time!  Thats kinda nice to have a couple of weeks to just stay at home and do little things before the summer ends.  That is crazy that school is going to start for them! Yah Hermana Scott is from there!  She says hi! Yes! it is such a blessing to have clean clothes!  We have like no time...always working.  Which is fun! Grateful to have 1 less thing to do haha WE GOT OUR PACKAGE THIS WEEK!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!  We sure miss American food lol and thank you for everything that was in it! I haven't seen Elder Dufort, but maybe we will see him at Zone Conference??? We have one this Weds.  Loved the girls camp letters and the family letters.  TELL EVERYONE BACK HOME HIIIIIII AND THAT I LOVE THEM AND APPRECIATE THEIR SUPPORT AND PRAYERS!  Wait... an open house for their marriage???  I cant wait to meet him.  I am so happy for Jennie.  Ellees belly is sure cute!  Thats so exciting about the McCrary family!  You will have to let me know where Emily goes.  I have no doubt that Ryan was an amazing missionary.  Tell the Kings hiiiiii!  Kimmie sent a really heart felt email.  She is seriously amazing!  We listen to music everyday and yes the pitcher is amazing!  KEEP THE PICS COMING! 

Hola Hermana Alexander,
Have you learned any Spanish?  Have you made any friends? Is your companion nice? Do you like Paraguay? I can't believe you see ostriches there! I am doing perfect. I start soccer tomorrow.  I had fun in Utah. I loved seven peaks and playing laser tag.  I love you! have fun! 

Love, Adam

ADAM! Yes I have been learning lots and lots of Spanish.  Everyday I learn new words and phrases...I am getting more comfortable going up to random people in the streets and starting a conversation. I am also improving on teaching about the gospel. There is a boy Nico who I visit and he reminds me of you.  He is 6 just like you! I will have to get a picture with him and send it to you.  I have made lots of friends as well.  I have become friends with the people in our branch and with our investigators who are learning about this true gospel.  Have you been reading the Book of Mormon? My companion is Hermana Scott!  I love her so much.  We are so much alike which is such a blessing.  We say we are pre-mortal friends.  Lots of ostriches!  They love this one specific spot and all just hangout there...there are also lots of random cows and dogs that roam on the streets.  Seven Peaks and Laser Tag are way fun!  So exciting about soccer.  In Paraguay they call soccer futbol.  Soccer is very popular here.  Lots of the people play in the streets and every sunday they have games that last all night.  Have mom take lots of videos and pictures!  You will be awesome! Love you chubs!  

hi, abby 
Its sad you did not get to come to Utah but you are happy were you are happy were you are serving the lord. I hope you learned the language well enough
to speak hope more people are in your branch. i miss you very much. 
Love Josh

JOSH! Utah seemed way fun!  Looks like you all had a great time!  What was your favorite part? We had lots of minos activos attend our church this sunday which made me so happy!  It is growing, but we sure have lots of work to do.  Helping others come unto Jesucristo is the best thing we can do and to share our testimonies.  The language is coming along, I'm always learning something new! I miss you Josh and love you so much!  Sing lots for me and have jams in the car! haha Are there new songs that you think id like? Nikki Jam is very popular here haha Everyone blasts their music in the night and even early early in the morning.

Hi Abby,
        Hi, its your "Favorite Brother" Joey! We went to Utah this week and it was fun, but its not the same without you blasting your music in the car! Anyway, We got to go to milford which I don't think you have ever been to, but if you have tell me!!! But, before we went to southern Utah we got to go to the BYU Bookstore, Seven Peaks, Park City, and ParkCity's MainStreet where they had a Family Tree Center, which I have never seen a FamilyTree Center before! Now Please Take The Time To Answer My Questions. Have you been getting better with the language? Is Your Companion Cool? Also tell her we went by Parowon! Is Your Ward or Branch Strong? Do you love the people there? IS YOUR HAIR REALLY BLOND?!?!?! if it is send a picture please! Anyway hope you do well!!! P.S. If You Have Any Questions TELL ME!!! 
 Sincerely Your Favorite Brother, Joey

WHATS UP JOE - MY FAVORITE BROTHER :) Mom sent lots of pictures! Seems like yall had a fun time in Utah.  I told josh to have jam sessions so be prepared haha I miss our car rides!  When I email they play music so I can hear some old familar songs haha  I have never been to Milford...ill have to go sometime!  So fun that you got to see where Grandpa grew up.  Park City is sure fun!  What is a family tree center? For family history? Seems fun! HEYYYYY your birthday is coming up! 
Yes I have been getting WAY better with the language!  Lots of mistakes haha but I'm learning! I have been able to teach better and have somewhat of a conversation with others...its hard, but I know it will come.  I LOVE MY COMPANION!!!!!  We get along super well...we are pretty much the same....I told her and she says hiiiiiiiiiii! Our branch has some amazing people in it.  We were able to have our minos activos attend.  We had the attendance go up from 45 to 60.  I LOVE THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! My hair is getting lighter and lighter everyday haha Love you Joe! Love hearing from you.  I will send pictures! What is something that you would like me to get you from Paraguay??????  LOVE YA

Hi Abby,
           It's Matthew what's up? Is Paraguay extremely different compared to the United States? Do you and your companion walk around in the jungle, or is it more like a run-down, dirty town? Anyways I recently went to EFY and had a great time.  I hope everything is going well for you and that as you continue to serve you are becoming more fluent with Spanish, and that language soon won't be a problem at all! Anyways have a great time, and remember your purpose while you are there.

dude- stop growing! haha you are a man! I remember us when we were 2 and I was 4 haha I actually met a family and the kids had the relationship that we I am getting all teary eyed wooooo Paraguay is so different hahaha no speed limits, not american food, barely any white people hahahahahaha There are some jungle parts, but also dirty roads and there is a city as well.  We are in the ghetto part....shhh we have the most dangerous area for sister missionaries, but I haven't felt unsafe.  We are smart and listen close to the spirit.  Sundays we are extra careful- lots of parties! One time we were walking and I had a strong impression to go into a shop and we did.  Nothing happened, but I know the spirit protected us.  He does constantly.  EFY seemed so fun!  Tell your friends hi. Have you gone on dates????? I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE GOING TO BE A JR!!!!!!! The language is coming bit by bit , but will come! hahaha Send me pictures!!!! Also listen to music for me!

Hola Abby, 
           I hope your having a fun time in Paraguay!  Its been a long 2 and 1/2 weeks, but it was fun.  We explored some National Parks & went into the Lehman Caves.  I hope your having just as much fun this summer as I am.  How are you doing on the language? EFY was great!!!! It was very spiritual and I look forward to it next year.  Have fun!

UTAH seemed like such a blast!  Love seeing the pictures! Dude! You are becoming a man too! So crazy! But awesome! The caves looked so cool!  Was that your favorite? haha We are in our winter season, but it is sure hot, it gets so cold too!  December is going to be wayyyyy hot!!!!! Swim for me! EFY is sure fun huh?  Thats so great that you had a great experience.  The dances are the best and yes you can find the cuties! LOVVVVVVEEEE YOUUUUUUUUU

She makes me feel so tall lol

New Convert Gabriella 

Divisions with Hermana Jara!

Just a pig wandering around haha

Scenic pictures of Paraguay!