Monday, May 29, 2017

May 29, 2017

I LOVE THE PICTURES!  Looks like Pajaro Dunes and the BYU basketball camp was a good time.  So crazy to think that Parajo Dunes was the last family vacation we all took together as a family. Where has time gone? So crazy to think that it has been a YEAR exactly tomorrow. Going to burn a skirt or a shirt for this event haha Everyone looks so good! I have the the best family and cousins :)  This week was a lot better than last week - we were able to work!  We tried doing contacts a bit different this week and contacted youth and young adults.  We had great success with this crowd - we helped them with their faith in Jesus Christ. (just broke my heart seeing other crowds doing drug deals right in the park)  Everyone definitely needs the message of their Savior that teaches them that each of them have a purpose.  We also recieved a new investigator, Beatriz.  We taught her about the Restoration and I just loved when she admitted to us that she has never thought about why there are so many churches.  
Conference was also a good experience - the main focus was how we should try and teach the youth and focus on them. It amazed me that so many missionaries in our mission were converts and serving full time missions! (like Kimmie) President Evans also talked about the covenant of Abraham and how our time in the mission prepares us - do we want to live a celestial life or be those of the other 2 degrees of glory.  We are also teaching Naty - she has been an investigator for a while, but we believe that we can possibly set a baptismal date with her soon.  Please pray for her - she has been changing drastically (for the better) We also started english classes - was so funny hna roncallo spelled english wrong - we couldn't stop laughing and had to just take pictures with the sign.  The mission sure isnt easy all of the time, but someday I will be able to look back and be glad that I went through it. Our P day has been good - we went to the hospital though (we think hna roncallo has a paracite) we also went to this yummy salad place in Asuncion, and later we are going to do a Family Home Evening with a less active family. Hope you all have a good week. LOVE YOU ALL

Hermana Alexander

Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22, 2017

This week was filled with church movies and good companionship talks haha There is this huge virus going around thanks to the season change..the weather is always changing - hot in the morning, rains in the afternoon, then gets cold at night repeat haha So Thursday on..we rested. I basically had a fever, sore throat, ear aches, congestion... my comp threw up yah it has been bad I talked with Hermana Evans and lots of people have it including her - she said that it took her three weeks to fully recover and not cough. Don't worry haha I am taking meds. We are for sure going to work tomorrow (can't stand not doing anything) I am way better! I actually had immigrations today so we were in Asuncion again and it felt SO good to get out of the house (we tried to get out this week, but yah our energy was shot) We have Zone conference tomorrow so I am really looking forward to that.  I also received a priesthood blessing which gave me strength.  Oh I have news..we get to wear pants again thanks to the mosquitos. It will be nice especially since it's getting cold and raining. Hope you have a great week!

Hermana Alexander

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May 17, 2017

HEY! Skyping the family was seriously so special.  Glad you had a Happy Mothers day! You sure deserve it mom!  Our P day was really special at the Temple! We actually didn't do a session, but we did do initiatory's.  I for sure want to go back and do a session.  We also spent some time in the Celestial room - really needed that.  I am writing today with permission because the power was out all over the city when we got back to Mariano. 


Heading home from P Day we ended up taking a wrong bus and ended up in the south mission - luckily through prayers and the help of the Lord we made it safely
GOT CAUGHT IN THE RAIN - we got so soaked
We had divisions with the Hermana leaders - I worked with Hermana Blanco from Argentina.  We contacted ALL day
We have a new investigator who actually attended this church when she was younger and loves hearing from us - we have another appointment with her this week 
I almost got hit by a drunk person on a motor - I was saved thanks to my comp and the Lord ( seriously was a MIRACLE ) 
We started classes of English 
For Mothers day, Hermana Roncallo and I gave the mothers in our branch bon o bons chocolates with hearts attached.  
Sunday in church was also neat - it was Independence day in Paraguay and they all sang thier anthem


ALSO  going through the Temple was seriously what I needed.  Haven't been through in over a year.  Definitely the House of the Lord.  Hope you all have a great week.  LES AMO MUCHO

Hermana Alexander

My amazing companion, Hermana Roncallo!

So much rain!

Mother's Day treats for the Sisters in our ward :)

Asuncion Paraguay Temple

So happy to be at the Temple!

It was a Happy Mother's Day for the whole family!

Hermana Roncallo's cute family!

Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8, 2017

HEY so changes happened this week and I couldn't be more grateful! I will admit that it was hard to say goodbye, but I knew that my work there was complete (was a bit easier to do the goodbyes) I am currently in Mariano with Hermana Roncallo - who I LOVE! She is from New Jersey.  This is her last change in the mission, so I will make sure she ends with a good last change.  We have only been together for a few days, but it feels like we have known eachother for awhile.  It is nice to switch it up and have an American comp.  We also are in the ward with the Assistants to President and another companionship of Elders. This area is huge with 3 companionships.  We are the only Hermanas in our zone and combined with the Elders in the Chaco. ALSO I am super close to San Jorge! It is nice being close to everyone again and the office!  Hopefully I can run into some members from San Jorge on the bus one of these days.  As for Pardo, she is in LOMA which is close as well. Changes were crazy, so many of my good friends returned home this week.  So happy for them.  I cannot believe I have a year on the mission - sure goes fast.  Will be home before I know it.   This area is seriously so great - really excited to get to know it better.  We are helping Adrian,(he has his call to Chile) with his preperation with his mission.  We had a good lesson with him and we all bore our Testimonies with him.  We also have a baptism date set with Artarasio.  He is 77 and attended church with us this week.  This area is full of very special people.  It seems really right to be in this area.  President Evans even told me that I am needed here.  Seriously cannot wait to meet more people and keep the work going forward. I also met Naty.  We talked about the importance of prayer, scripture study, and Holy Ghost.  Also taught Lorenzo, he is an elderly gentleman who is in a band.  We taught him about our purpose here on earth.  I will make sure to take lots of pictures this week.  Hermana Roncallo and I still need a picture together.  We are going shopping today down in Asunsion.  There is a Forever 21 and other shops.  Might get some new things - sure is time.  Also I am going to help her with her going home outfit.  I do have farewell pictures that I will send in just a bit.  That is exciting that you have sister missionaries now.  Also poor Adam about his rash.  SUPER EXCITED TO DO SKYPE! We are doing it on Sunday! Hope you all have a good week.  LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLL

Hermana Alexander

Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017


So yesterday we found out about our changes! Hermana Pardo and I are both leaving! We are a bit shocked, but we are both excited at the same time.  Sure in this experience together.  We should leave for the office tomorrow night around 10:00 or 11:00 and we will be able to know what area we will serve in.  I am a bit nervous, but I am beyond excited for a new area - it will be a good change.  The Lord knows what's best.  I am a bit sad to leave all those here, but will make sure to take lots of pictures and make sure to find a way to keep in contact with them after the mission.  
This week were able to teach Andres, the brother of a recent convert.  He actually opened up to us and was willing to participate in the Noche de Hogar that we planned. We talked a bit about faith and how all the blessings that we recieve come from our Heavenly Father.  .  We also had a good moment with Lettycia  (our investigator) she has been struggling with family issues - we expressed our love for her and even gave her mint ice cream haha.  She has desires to get baptized and attend church, but with her parents....a bit difficult.  I know one day she will be able to chose. All about timing.  
This Sunday I gave a talk on the importance of keeping Christ the center in our lives and one way we can do this is by reading the scriptures. It was also really special to sing with Hermana Pardo.  We sure invited the spirit.  Was really neat to sing Yo se que vive mi Senor in English and Spanish.  It is a lot easier to express myself through songs at times.  That is seriously so awesome that the daughter got baptized.  I do remember that family.  Seriously how happy! oh no about the strep, but that is kinda funny - shows we are truly related.  I am sure the Upstage fireside was so good.  Can you believe that I hit my 11 months?????? WOOOOOOOOOO so fast! Well I love you all and I cannot wait to tell you all about my upcoming adventures with this new change.  Thanks for the prayers.  LES AMO MUCHOOOOOOOOOO

Hermana Alexander