Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28, 2016

This week I have gotten to know this area A LOT better along with the people.  I  LOVE PEDRO JUAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have spent time with a convert, Ramòn.  He is around 70 years old, but acts like he is in his 20s.  We sure have a great time with him.  HE SINGS!!!!! Yesterday we visited him and sang a lot of hymns and shared a message of course. I have also gotten to know our President in our Rama and his family.  We do service for them every weds and thurs.  We sure had a busy week.  We worked so hard!  We took the challenge of Elder Rasband and have literally contacted every person we come in contact with.  We have tarjetas for navidad.  Have you watched the church video for Navidad? I love the Christmas videos that the church has! We have been inviting everyone to watch the video.  
We worked a lot with our less actives and 5 of them that we taught this week attended church.  I seriously felt so much joy.  We have baptismal dates set for the 17 of December. Get this - there hasn't been a baptism here for a year!  We have the Flia Garay and Almiris.  With Almiris it is special.  She is an angel...literally.  She is a bit special, but wants to get baptized.  We have been teaching her and she is understanding the basics.  We use a lot of pictures with her.  She is 19 years old.  Her dad is a convert and her mom is a forever investigator.  She attends every Sunday, but doesn't believe in the priesthood and the hermano doesn't believe in Temples.  I am glad that he trusts us though...I am seeing a change in their hearts.  The Flia Garay are seriously ready for their Baptism.  We had a great lesson with them this week.  We discussed the Plan of Salvation.  Tears were shed and the Holy Ghost definitely did his part.  
Hermana Còrdova and I have been enjoying our days together.   Our lessons are seriously SO awesome! She loves learning English.  It is funny at times because for some words I know in Spanish I forget what it is in English haha This week we gained 6 new Investigators.  Sure hope that they will all decide to progress. Oh we also worked with 2 young men.  They worked with us all day yesterday.  They are 11 and 12. There testimonies are so cute!  They get all nervous.  I taught them and Hna Còrdova how to say The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in english. Today we had an activity with our zone..I'll send more photos.  We did like a capture the flag game.  It was a lot of fun. We are actually all in the same place emailing.  There is only one place here.  Luckily we got here first! Christmas here is so different.  Not many lights or tress...but when I see them my heart is like awwwwww Actually December 1st they have a huge event here in Pedro Juan! I am seriously so excited to SKYPE YOU GUYYYYYSSSSSS AND ACTUALLY GET TO TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure Disneyland was blast!  Thanks for sending pictures!  You guys all look so good!  Can't wait to hear from youuuuuuu.  LOVEEEE YOU ALLLLLLLL xoxoxo stay warm =)


Hermana Alexander

Monday, November 21, 2016

November 21, 2016

HELLO FROM PEDRO JUAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where to begin hahaha this week was a crazy one but SO good! I got transfered! My area is 8 hours away and is on the boarder of Paraguay!  5 minutes away from my house is Brazil.
People here speak Guaraní, Espanol, and Portuguese.  Pretty crazy!  In this area everyone wants to visit and I can get a name tag in Portuguese! I also have a new companion!  Hermana Córdova.  She is the best! We seriously get along so well!  Her Spanish is so clear which is such a blessing and it is also a plus that she wants to learn english too.   She is from Peru and this is her last change! Also, the ATMS here spit out dollars..weird! Hermana Scott is also in my District and is comps with Hermana Brunelle!  The weather is hot but luckily not too hot.  Ysapy was hot! There are a lot of mosquitos so we are wearing pants everyday. This will be a great change!  Really excited!  Earlier this week I was in a trio with Hermana Maldonado and Hermana Pardo.  Hermana Pardo is from Bolivia and was transferred from where I am now serving..Hermana Córdova was her trainer. It was a neat experience to teach with 3 people.  I was in a trio because it didn't make sense to drive 8 hours in a nice collectivo and then come back to hear Elder Rasband speak. 
Saturday was an experience that I will never forget.  All the missionaries were able to shake Elder Rasbands including me! He read the Dedicatory prayer for this country and discussed how we need to do more.  Some parts in the prayer included - 
Bless all those who are called
Unite in spirit of love, dedication, strength of character
With Testimony those will know that this church is true
100s and 1000 will join
Other Temples will be built
Pray for the leaders of the Country ( Elder Rasband was able to speak with there Pres and he told us that they love the Church) 
We see in vision - bless future leaders
This is a humble country
What I learned is that we are apart of the hastening of the work in this prayer.  We need to talk with everyone and bear testimony of what we know with all our hearts.  He also told us that when we invite those unto to baptism to include, that by doing this, they can live with their Savior and Heavenly Father.  He specifically said to use words like the Savior.  He also talked about loving the people and being faithful.  I truly have learned that by loving the people sincerely....I can easily speak Espanol.  I am more fluent than I have ever been.  Still pray for me of course, but it is becoming harder and harder to speak in English haha Yesterday was the first day that Hermana Córdva and I worked together.  All I can say is WOW.  Power Companionship!   We also were able to work with our friend who reminds me a lot of joey.  He is 12 and did visits with us all day.  I was happy to get to meet all the members yesterday at church..  They did the primary program.  Seriously love this area!  Seems like everyone is doing so well which makes me so happy!  Love all the photos.  I am sure getting excited for Navidad.  This boy who is 7 had me help him with his papa noel list.  He wants a batman action hero man.  He also was very excited that I was from the U.S.  I will be better with everyones names next week. 
Also for my part of Thanksgiving - I want to thank you and the family for all your support and prayers!  I am grateful for my Savior and this gospel.  It sure is a blessing.  This life is a blessing.  I love Paraguay and all the experiences that I have been having.  Our Father knows us perfectly!  It brings me such great happiness to share His message. I love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo I sure love being a missionary!  An experience of a lifetime!  


Hermana Alexander

My new companion..Hermana Córdova!

Matching Hair :)

Loved serving with Hermana Maldonado and Hermana Pardo!

Slumber Party haha

Love them! Never easy saying goodbye!

Yes..that is a pigs snout haha

Hermana Martin

On the collectivo!

Riding in style haha

The Primary in my new ward!

Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016

This week was sure a good week.  We have two new investigators! WOOHOO! Pricilio is Alicia's husband (she is a member of our church) he accepted our baptismal we are planning on teaching him!  Alicia hasn't gone through the Temple yet and expressed that she wants to go through together with her husband.  Our other new investigator is Carolina.  She was a reference from an Hermana in our ward.  She has a family and is catholic.  We are going to work with her.  Hopefully she will sincerly pray about our message.  Last night we recieved another reference.  He is 18 and lives close to our house!  We are going to try and find him this week. Trying to find people is so fun!  Tomorrow is changes!  I may leave Ysapy or stay, can even maybe have a new comp! Hermana Maldonado is getting a bit emotional with this change being that it's her last.  I am good at distracting her haha We visited Olga! Please pray for her son! He is in the hospital.  We made tortillas with her and her family.  I have lots of pictures from this week.  Yesterday we celebrated Estanilas Birthday!  We made a cake with Deysi.  Also, I was a makeup artist again this week.  I did Hermana Soledads makeup (we have lunch with her every week - she has 3 boys) Things are going really well in YSAPY!  Seriously love this area.  We get to hear from Elder Rasband on Saturday!!!! For p day we are going to visit some different cities for fun!  I have heard a lot about TRUMP here! I cannot believe the votes! Mom the book of Moroni is such a good section of the Book of Mormon!  Sums up a lot of the gospel.  Tell Stacie hello and happy birthday!  She looks so good.  The boys are such good boys! So lucky to have them as brothers! Sure am getting excited for Navidad!  The people here are already decorating! LOVE YOU LOTS and hope you have a great week! 

Hermana Alexander


Selfie with the Pizza Man!

Olga & Patricia!

This photo haha

Seriously the cutest!

Dinner with flia Rodas..sure love them!

Look what Pablo caught!

She loves her mangos with salt!

Love this little girl!



Made with Love!

Feliz Cumple Estanisia!




this week is flying by fast we get out at 12:20  sweet🤗. soccer was so close should of won😑 we lost 2-0 lame😢 i wasn't felling good last week but i didn't 
barf thats good there was  and still is a lot of  sneezing. mom and dad went to Las' vegas this weekend stayed with grandma and Alison. It was a slow🚷 weekend but fun moms back. 


Minimum days are sure the best huh?! Do you get out everyday this week at 12:20 or is it just because it is Monday?  I am sure you are quite the baller at soccer.  I am sorry that you weren't feeling well....but it is such a good thing that you didn't barf.  Sounds like you had a good weekend.  Sleepovers at Grandmas and Alisons.  LOVE YOU BUD!  Oh are there any new cool songs on the radio? 

hi abbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy this weekend on my soccer game i scored 3 goals we won by 2 the score was 5-3😁.this week is flying by  fast 😂we get out at 12:20 is coming soon can't wait😆.bye abby love adam 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

WOAH! You scored 3 goals??????????? WHAT A BOSS! Basketball is one of my favsssss.  A great sport!  How are the Sacramento Kings doing?????? So awesome that you get out at 12:20.  Getting excited for Christmas Break????? LOVE YOUUUUUUUUU ADAM

Hey Abby, it was a normal week of school, but we had Friday off for Veteran's Day.  I stayed at Nate Killian's house with Mike VanWagenen since Mike and our parents were gone in Vegas.  We made lots of bike trips to gas stations and ate a lot of junk food.  Also, a lot of fast food.  Hope your doing well in Paraguay.

Love, Michael

Hey I have seen photos of you and you are getting so tall! WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That must have been nice to have school off on Friday!  Oh thanks for setting up skype for me!  Apreciate it!  Thats fun that you hung out with Mike and Nate!  I am sure it is always a party together.  

Hey Abby
 This week was actually very exciting for myself.  I got A's on all my tests and now have A's in all my classes! I got my ACT score back as well... I got a 30 on my first try! Dad was bragging that he got a 31 though, so I couldn't really brag to him.  Upstage and everyone went to Tahoe which turned out to be very fun!  We all bonded as a group and had a spiritual time.  As you probably know Trump won the election so that's a good thing, Joey and Dad were very excited.  Water Polo is also over now, and I get to go back to baseball, but water polo was actually very fun. (It helped I have gained 15 lbs, and my whole body is tan). Tomorrow I also get to go teach a family with the missionaries so wish me luck.  Anyways I hope everything is going alright in Paraguay, and I hope the language is continuously getting easier.  Know that we are praying for that as well as your safety.  Have fun and endure till the end! Bueno Suerte!

Oh my! 30 on the ACT???????? WOAHHHHHHHHH that is seriously so awesome! BYU bound! Tahoe must have been a party with everyone!  Mom sent me a photo of everyone.  Loved Alyssa's caption with kiss the girl haha Trumpppppppp haha lots of people here have talked about him! I am sure you are very tannnnnn.  Seriously so awesome that you get to spend some time with the missionaries.  You get a piece of my everyday life and for your future.  Enjoy every moment.  Really feel the spirit and teach with your heart. 
love youuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Abby,

TRUMP WON!!! I also got a mug that says Make America Great Again from Las Vegas. I went camping to Dillion's beach with Ryder, Jack, and Eli We got to jump off the sand dunes. We also get out at 12:20 this week and then have thanksgiving break. We stayed at schmeatts house for the weekend because Mom and Dad where in Las Vegas. Anyway, Hope you are doing well and find those who are searching for the Gospel.

Love, Joey

awwwww I love Dillions beach! I am sure you had a great time! So awesome about your mug! LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU - sorry my time is up