Sunday, May 22, 2016

Abby's Open House

 Setting up for Abby's Open House! I have the best friends ever who love Abby almost as much as I do! Thank you to Enochka, Jen, Ashleigh, & Crista! Everything looked amazing!

The perfect decoration! Everyone loved it! Thank you Crista!

Just perfect! The decorations & the food! Heathers cake pops went fast!

Best surprise of the day were the cookies! Seriously!! Ashleigh is amazing! I didn't want anyone to eat them haha
Edible name tag and cute missionary!

Alisons delicious key lime bars and raspberry yummy & beautiful!

What I love most about this picture (aside from the perfectly placed fruit platters & decor) is Grandma Jackie in the window doing the dishes! She has always been such a hard worker!

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