Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 31, 2016

Hey!!!! I made it safe to the CCM.  The flight and layovers went well and I manged to get some sleep.  I was the minority for sure haha and was the only missionary for my first flight and the layover.   I did get to meet and make a couple of friends that were traveling to Guadalajara.  Was nice that they could speak English too! I have never felt so close to the Lord.  I know He is with me along with the Holy Ghost.  I am so happy.  I was really excited when I met up with a bunch of sisters and one elder haha we all drove in a bus and were able to see some of the city. We could barely fit everyone's luggage in.  Love the colorful buildings and art on the walls.  Was nice that all of  them could speak English too.  6 of the sisters are going to Chile and that one elder.  I got my tag and am so happy to be a servant of the Lord.  I seriously LOVE LATINS and THE LANGUAGE. They are all so kind and already so loving.  My P days will be on Wednesday. And my companion is Naomi Brunelle.  We followed each other on Instagram before because we are both serving in Paraguay.  Cannot wait to finally meet her. I know this is where I am meant to be.  I love this gospel and cannot wait to learn it in Spanish.  I hope to see Kenzie too!  I need to find out what the wifi is here to send you pictures.  Ill get the hang of it.  Hope the family is doing well.  
Loved the picture you sent. Cannot wait to see what to see what the CCM life is like. 

We met at the Mexico City Airport and are heading to the CCM!

Outside of the CCM!

 We made it to the CCM!

It was so great to see Hermana Vanwagenan on my first day in Mexico! She is going to be an amazing Missionary!

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