Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 8, 2016

HOLAAAAAAA FROOOOMMM THE CCMMMMM haha! Like the Adele reference? Boy I can´t believe that I am on week 2! The weeks go by so fast! Sorry that I only wrote on the day we arrived.  We didn´t have P day last week so this is my first P day WOOHOO.  Around 12 today we are able to go to the Mexico Temple Visiting  Center since the Temple is being cleaned.  There will be a day though when we will be able to go through.  Seriously can´t wait.  The Temple is sure the place to be.  Where to my companera is Hermana Brunelle.  She is from Orange County California. Wondering what she is like... watch Pride and Prejudice Mormon version.  She reminds me of the Latin character Jane.  I live en a casa with other hermanas from my District. It´s pretty fun! Hermana Brunelle and I get along well and continue to become closer each day.  On my first day en the CCM I saw Hermana Van Wagenan! We had a good time with the few hours we had together.

Anyways, back to the beginning! It was quite the adventure.  I can´t believe I made it to the CCM. I met up with a lot of sister missionaries at the airport in Mexico City and only one Elder.  On my first flight and lay over I was the only missionary.  I knew the Lord was with me and I prayed a whole lot in my heart to be comforted.  It was nice to have this sweet couple on my first flight.  They were a Latin couple that could speak English..YES! The Lord is good haha I was for sure the minority.  Heading to the CCM we traveled in a 12 passenger van.  It could barley hold our luggage.  Mexico City has colorful houses and so many pretty birds including parrots that chirp when you come close to their tree haha The CCM is nice.  Everyone is so friendly and I got my name tag!  I feel so blessed. We had a fireside and after a HUGE thunder storm occurred.  I feel so blessed. 

These words will never go away.  My brain is constantly jumbled words in español.  I know that the gift of tongues is a TRUE thing and a great blessing.  I am grateful for the power of prayer and the comfort the Holy Ghost brings.  I´ve been able to get close with my District at the CCM.  I have even gotten to know my Mission Pres and his counselors.  I am in District 16 B.  I have so much love for the hermanas and Elders.  It is nice that we are all in this together.  I have seen a BIG progress with all of us since day 1.  Hermana Brunelle and I gave our first lesson to a pretend investigator Monica today.  It was a bit overwhelming  but we did it without a lick of English.  I know this is where I am suppose to be.  This is the Lord´s work and I´m indeed grateful to be apart of it.  The spirit is so strong.  I never feel alone.  The teachers are so helpful and friendly.  They teach with love and with the spirit.  Day 2 in the CCM and was able to pray en la clase.  I am noticing that English words are turning into spanish thoughts.  I love my Savior and cannot wait to see more of our progress.  Motto of the day : We can do it 

Boy! Today was a long but such an awesome day! In class I learned how to prepare Lesson 1 in PMG.  This included the restoration We learned how to break it down and were able to produce the lesson in 1 minute.  We also had most of the day to prepare the second lesson for Monica.  She committed to baptism! The spirit was so strong.  I still cannot wait for the day to teach a lesson confidently in spanish.  I am progressing and know the Lord and the spirit are helping me.  We had our first day of gym boy I need to get in better shape haha Hermana Brunelle is such a great companion.  She has such love for me and the gospel.  Love how she can help me with Spanish.  I don´t know what I´d do without her.  
2 Nephi 31:3
Mornoni 7.38

Today was a bit of a challenge, but whats a mission without difficulty?  It is mainly the language that is getting to me.  Hate not totally being able to say what I want to say...but I am grateful for PMG Spanish addition and other Spanish books and guides.  I do have to remember that it is my 5th day in the CCM.  My schedule has consisted of studying and preparing for Monica.  I have realized that I wouldn´t be able to have progressed in my Spanish if it wasn´t for the spirit.  Would not be at the rate that I am if I weren´t bringing souls unto Christ.  

Today was sure needed! Relief Society, District 16 B, and Sacrament Meeting was AMAZING!  The spirit was so strong!  It was fast and Testimony meeting today.  I sure needed to fast.  I have a true testimony of fasting.  I know the Gift of Tongues is a real thing too.  In Sacrament meeting the Elder y Hermanas bore thier Testimonys in spanish.  When I couldn´t fully understand what they were saying I could still feel the spirit.  The church is SO true.  It was nice to have some personal study too.  I had an interview with the Branch pres. It was an unforgettable experience!  I am glad that I read my P Blessing before.  We watched The Testiment movie as a District.  I love my Savior and I am so glad that he was willing to die for me.  I cannot even imagine how it felt to be nailed on a cross.  He lives.  I am grateful for my Savior.  ps I said a prayer for the Hermana dress meeting.

June 6th and 7th were such great days! I received a package from my parents! So blessed for the doughnuts! My District was pretty excited!  Had an amazing Devotional last night.  It was broadcasted from Provo and  Elder Bednar spoke.  I saw Herman Greenwoood and Sister Sassler on TV.  Loved seeing them.  The message was on one by one.  Christ know us individually.  Look up Luke 15:8-24 and 3rd Nephi 11:6-26. 

I love you all! So glad to see what everyone is doing.  Love your emails. I´ll make sure to mention funny things next time....little preview bird in class, spilled water = los sientos, a Latin elder said whats up trying to be all american like,I accidently said I was from Paraguay to a hermana, Translated the wrong question, found that I can laugh sometimes when I feel the spirit (During a prayer), I give words tunes to help memorize, Them latins know how to party - was trying to sleep one night and could hear music ( adele and Jason Duerlo)  . A laundry bag is a yes please. I´m not sure if we can get packages unless they are form Mexico? Cause they said no haha  Tell mike he looked handsome and so awesome about adam.  Tell papa I enjoy his emails and jacob oh and jen! Azdins party seemed fun! We dont have wifi in the CCM.  Maybe at the visitors center?  thanks for your emails.. again have no time!

Hermana Alexander  

Abby's first companion Hermana Brunelle!

Hermanas in District 16 B

On our way to the Mexico City Temple Visitors Center! (The Temple is being cleaned)

Mexico City!

Mexico City Temple

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