Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June 15, 2016

OOOOOO IM HALF WAY THERE ( well.. with heading out of the CCM haha)  ITS CRAZY HOW I AM ON WEEK 3!!!!!!!  The weeks go by so fast.   I just came back from doing a session in the Mexico City Temple! It felt so good to be there.  And I managed to go through all of the session...was SO thankful for the wonderful workers...they sure know how to deal with spanglish lol  This week consisted of studying and practicing teaching. It was a bit rough... but I managed to get through it and decided to be positive. I now have 2 investigators with practicing!  The Spanish is coming along well...just have to be hardworking and put all I can into it.  I know the Lord will make up the rest.  The Holy Ghost does wonders when I try my best with the language.  I mastered the Basic Core which had about 300 words lol now onto memorizing the 1st vision along with a list of other things.  I am slowly becoming more comfortable with speaking Spanish, but I know I could do better. Challenging myself and setting goals is a good thing.   We had a Devotional last night with Elder Nicolas Castaneda....who is of the Seventy and helps with the CCM.  You can say we are friends lol  He told a wonderful story about an elder who actually got sent to Paraguay while he was on his mission.  He was sent to be challenged....I guess in the country there weren't many baptisms...etc He mentioned because of this Elders attitude and faith he was able to baptize many.  I strive to continue to have faith for I know if I have faith in Christ.. I can do anything.  I seriously cannot wait to serve in Paraguay.  I just love the people already.  I truly felt like this message was for me.  After the meeting I thanked him and told him I was serving there.  His eyes looked at mine ( even during his talk) and he was just full of love.  I am in the CCM choir which I LOVE!   I miss listening to music.  We arent allowed to listen to it in the CCM.  Mom! So fun about NY!  Did matthew win his game?  I am sure that was weird not having a kid in the show.   Loved Cordin's, matthew's, azdin's, caleb's, and kristins comments. Cant wait to hear more about NY!  Let me know if you see Kimmie.  DAD GOT A JEEP????????? sooooo fun!!!! Love you all!


Hermana Alexander

First Temple Session in Spanish!

Companion picture at the Temple

Love these Hermanas!

As good as we could get haha

Missionary photo bomb lol

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