Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June 29, 2016

HEYYYYYY!  Seriously love hearing from you guys!  Looks like you had a fun time in Tahoe...and I serioulsy cant wait for my jeep ride lol Chubs looks so big! Keep them pictures coming! I have been doing really well...kinda getting anxious to go out into the field but I am still enjoying every minute of my CCM experience.  This week has been another amazing week...we are almost the oldest generation in the CCM!  Next week... we will be there with two other Districts.  We are taking our District pictures on the Fourth of pretty much we are wearing red, white, and blue haha gotta supoort AMERICA. Cant wait to hear how the Fourth of July will be for you guys! This past Saturday Hermana Brunelle and I were able to teach a 13 year old girl named Anna about the gospel...She was a volunteer and a non member.  The moment I walked in the room I had this overwhelming love for her.  The lesson was taught by the spirit and we actually gave her a Book of Mormon and wrote our Testimonies in the book.  I know that she felt the love that God and Christ have for her.  I serioulsy cant wait for MORE experiences like this in Paraguay.  I am just anxious and know that the people need me and I need them.  Had another neat experience at one of my past Lunches and Dinners...our Distrcit sat by Latino Elders...BOY! haha it was so fun trying to speak to them!  Was fun that they wanted to learn some English as well.  At the CCM they kinda seperate the Latinos from the we dont really get to be with them much so when we have the opportunity we take advantage!  The Latino Hermanas are serioulsy THE SWEETEST! Have gotten to know some of them as well. 
To entertain oursleves... Elder Chatwin sung the tunes to We will Rock You, In the Jungle, She will be loved, The Star Spangled Banner, along with so many other popular songs and used the words to our Missionary Objective.  
While we were heading out to do our invesitgator Lesson BHAHA we all at first thought a bat was in the hallway...turns out it was a  HUGE Black Butterfly.  Elder good thinking it was a bat told Hermana Litell to not catch it... she is an animal lover hah said you will get rabies 
While I was being an investigator....I picked my person to be KImmie! Love her...Elder Moss was like como esta... I said bien and he responded bbbbbbb and was like what the heck just happened haha we had a good laugh.. glad i knew he meant Bien

THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGES!!!!!  I always love recieving them!  

Thats so awesome that Jacob is home! I am sure his family is so happy!  

I am seriously so happy being in Mexico. I feel super safe. The mission is serioulsy going by so fast! I have been sleeping super well too ...ELder Good and Hermana Haywood have been sick.  I let Hermana Haywood use some of the oil spray.  It helped.  

ALSO I AM BECOMING SO GOOD AT KNOCK Mexico we call it Lightening.  Its the only thing elders and hermanas can both do while being at GYM.  We shoot from the 3 point line and I have made shots and get people out even the better elders.  



Hermana Alexander

 Practicing Spanish with the Latino Elders!

 Teaching some English too!

 Cute Hermanas!

Meeting so many sweet Hermanas!

Donut deliveries to the Mexico CCM are the best!


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