Monday, September 12, 2016

September 12, 2016


This week has been another great week!  Hermana Scott and I have a new investigator, Araceli.  She is 20 years old.  We also had one of our investigators Monica attend Sacrament meeting this Sunday!   We had 79 people attend church this week.  Hermana Scott and I received a sheet of all the members who were baptized in our church this Sunday. It will be very helpful for us.  We are working hard trying to reactivate the less active.  We had Zone Conference this week and also a meeting with all of the sisters serving in the Paraguay Asuncion North Mission.  They talked to us about PANTS and everyone got fitted. OH BUDDY! We wear pants from Oct. through April.  It is starting to be spring here! So hot already haha Is the weather cooling off back home? Can you believe it is already September?? The mission is flying by! Also CRAZINESS! Lice is going around with the Hermanas.  Two Hermanas got it first and then four others.  Yikes! Luckily, Hermana Scott and I didn´t end up having eggs in our hair.  Hermana Evans was checking everyone after our meeting.  
Also Hermana Scott and I were able to go to an activity in loma.  We worked with the youth.  They were assigned to be a missionary for a day.  It was such a great experience not only for me, but for the youth as well.  Hermana Scott and I helped them teach (we role-played as the Investigators ).  We also got to work outside and helped them contact people in the streets.  The Hermanas we were with were amazing.  We visited a less active member in their ward.  She just barely got divorced and is struggling.  The Hermanas definitely had the spirit with them and said words of comfort to her.  They took her negativity well. Sandra, who is one of our Investigators hasn´t been home when we stop by but Hermana Scott and I have been able to teach her mom.  PLEASE PRAY FOR PABLO! He has been attending church every Sunday and has been a HUGE example to his family.  He is struggling a bit but we were able to teach him, his less active brother, a friend, and Mikeas who is interested in the church on Saturday.  Unfortunately Pablo decided not to go to church this Sunday so they all didn't go. He complained that he is the only one that goes.  On the bright side they all liked the sour patch watermelon candies that I had.  
The people here love the Lollipops! Even the adults!  We did a lesson with the lollipops with the familia Shiray- we gave each person in their family a lollipop and one of the kiddos had to carry a heavy object for each person that wanted a lollipop.  This lesson was about the Atonement and how Jesus Christ atoned for each persons sins and burdens.  They also loved the goldfish.  Hermana Scott and I gave them the rest haha Also we taught the familia Rojas and the Hermano can speak English! Hermana Scott and I were shocked and try to speak to him in English sometimes.  
SCARIEST THING! hahahahahaha last night we were writing a note and this HUGE dog came out of nowhere and started chasing Hermana Scott and I.  We felt his breath and he was ready to bite.  Luckily we made it out just in time.  The Lord definitely protected us. We also met a less active Marylin.  She is the cutest and loves frozen.  She has an Ana doll along with other collections of dolls.  We sure hope to visit with her more often.

Seems like everything is good at home!  That is awesome about Rocklin!  Bummer about BYU, but I am sure the boys played really well.  That's awesome that Butch had a good game and started.  He sure deserves it!  Adam is the cutest little soccer player!  So exciting about his first goal of the season.  Mikey and Sarah! How fun that they are working.  Thanks for the updates!  So exciting for Emily!  When is her date to leave? Also there are club soccer teams here in Paraguay - olympia and cerro ask the boys to see there status and tell me which one is better :)  LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH SURE LOOK FORWARD TO MONDAYS.


Hermana Alexander 

Zone Conference! 

Cutest kiddos! They love the lollipops and goldfish!

Love this bridge!


Belen! Sweetest Hermana who helped us out with our laundry!

All about clean water!

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