Monday, December 12, 2016

December 12, 2016

Oh the weather outside is frightful hahaha The motto of the week. We sure have had some crazy rain and thunder storms! BUT that doesn't stop us! We just go for it and try to find people!  My comp is hard core, which is awesome! We share an umbrella haha  This week has been another great week.  Our friend Jorge is now an active member!  He has attended three times.  We took a picture on Sunday. He sure has changed and regained his testimony.  I also said goodbye to Hermana Antonia and her family.  They moved...which is so sad, but I am happy for them because their new situation is for the better.  We had lunch with them every Saturday.  Her daughter - Emily and I would talk about music! haha We also did a lot of service this week.  We helped favio - a member in our ward with his place. He makes sushi and has like a dinning place outside his house. 
We also had a big end of the year Relief Society activity.  The Hermanas shared their project that they have been working on.  We had such a great lesson with Almiris.  We are sure seeing miracles! She remembers the things that we have taught her.  We teach very simply and have her color photos of what we have been teaching.  I also had my first English class.  It went really well.  I just taught them the basics - How are you? My name is.... and also the forms of I, she, he, we, they.  They learned the sayings and how to respond.  I also had them do roll play and practice.  I cant wait to teach more! 
We had divisions with the Hermana Leaders - I worked with Hermana Rolim.  She is from Brazil.  Hermana Rolim has a really good Spanish accent.  She also speaks a bit in english, but the whole time we basically spoke in Spanish.  It is easier for both of us haha I actually can understand most of what people say in Portuguese but is harder to speak the language! We had some great lessons.  We taught an inactive family - Flia Diez.  We talked about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon and praying together as a family.  Also the Hermana is feeling alone and like God has abandoned her.  We read over the part when Joesph Smith was in Liberty Jail.  When she read this passage she had a different perspective.  Also the Hermano and the kiddos listened and were apart of our visit.  The Hermano has a major drinking problem but hopefully it will get better. The family that we have been teaching - Flia garay are progressing, but there is always something in the way that stops them from going to church.  Hermana lidia attended this week.  They will hopefully get baptized though later this month or in January. Please pray for them.
We have been working hard with our less actives.  Lots of Family Home Evenings.  The people here sure love the video that the church produced.  We got new investigators this week! Pretty excited!  We have zone conference this week with President and the other missionaries serving in Conception - another area.  We are going to do an activity for Christmas.  I will also get my package! WOOOOOOOO speaking of CHRISTMAS...I am beyond excited to Skype.  Also I want to say HAPPPYYYYYYY BIRTHHHHHHDAAAAYYYY TO ADAM AND MATTHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be celebrating for them in Paraguay! 
Anywhooooo I loveee youuuuu allllllllll

Hermana Alexander

Good thing I have always loved the rain!

Shopping China!

Hermana Rosi.  She is the best!  She has been having lots of health problems.  She is the presidents wife.  She spoke in church about pornography on Sunday - she is seriously an incredible lady. We do service for her every Wednesday and Saturday.  

Relief Society Activity!



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