Monday, December 26, 2016

December 26, 2016

Hello again fam bam!  AHHHH yesterday was seriously the BEST CHRISTMAS YET!  LOVED being able to TALK and SEE YOU GUYS! I LOVE MY FAMILY AND THIS GOSPEL! So glad to have both.  This Christmas was different, but such a good different.  I have so many pictures to send.  This week we had a Christmas activity with our zone and also with our Rama. I gave the Nativity set to the family that we live with along with the advent calendar.  Also I shared the scriptures from that Christmas Symbol book! Thanks for sending that :) Hermana Córdova is super stoked that she made our Christmas card.  She told me that she is famous in the states.  HEYYYYYY if Jacob doesn't find a wife soon....she is the one.  She loves food just as much as him haha We spent our Christmas with the families in our Rama.  WE ATE SOOOOO MUCH MEAT! Christmas here is seriously like New Years Eve in the states.  Lots of fireworks and everyone stays up till 12 and after has a party and a dinner.  Hermana Córdova and I loved our Christmas PJS.  I can't believe our President of our Rama and his wife saw us in our PJS.  We wore them for dessert hahaha We also attended another Baptism. Arthur is 8 and Hermana Córdova and I were able to teach him the first 3 lessons.  He is grandson of our President.  Our Rama had a get together for Hna Córdova.  Everyone said a good thing about her and gave her a Paraguay traditional shirt.  We also had CRAZY weather beginning this week.  The streets were rivers.  We taught this guy named Ramon for 2 hours because it was horrible to go outside (we were stuck) I hope you guys have a good week.  Always remember your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thanks for your prayers.  Merry Christmas from Paraguay! 

Hermana Alexander


  1. My drawing is there :3 .!!!! �� hahaha

  2. Nos gusta mucho el dibujo. Tienes mucho talento.

  3. Y mira que eso lo hice a la correría ahahaha