Monday, February 13, 2017

February 13, 2017

Hey! Another change in PJC and I am still with Hermana Gonzalez - SERIOUSLY 
President Evans and Hermana Evans are seriously the best, couldn´t ask for a better Mission President. The work is going so well.  Finding more and more people.  We just need some patience with a couple of our Investigators.  They are progressing, but still need a bit more time which is fine.  We have been teaching Osmar and he is in the process of getting ready for his baptism.  He was orginally in Rama 3 and the Elders taught him all the lessons.  Now being in our area, our job is to go over the things that he still is a bit unsure about.  I believe he could be baptized in the next week or 2.  
It totally seems like things are going so well back home.  I sure enjoy hearing about what's going on with yall. That's so great that the boys will be doing trek - trek was such a great experience! 

Highlights from the week

Tuesday- we had a Zone Mayham (a faom fight war) and I said my goodbyes to Hermana Scott 
Weds- we taught Noche de Rama (we talked about missionary work - we played the memory game)
Thursday- We had a HUGE storm (the rain was so heavy) we had a pool in our house
We did a kareoke night with the Flia DeLeon - we even made torta with them (of course we had a lesson about the importance of families)
Friday- we had more rain and helped a lot with our Rama (cleaning the church, etc)
Saturday- we had pizza night
Sunday- I was ready to give my talk and President forgot that he asked me so I have to give mine next sunday - thought I was off the hook haha
P day has been good! We met hermana perez from Bolvia.  She is new and is super cool.  She will add a lot to our zone.  Hasn't rained yet haha 

Well I love you and cannot wait to hear from yall next week!

Hermana Alexander

 Saying goodbye to Hermana Scott!

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