Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6, 2017

LETS BE PART OF MIRACLES AND MAKE THEM HAPPEN - words of Hermana Gonzalez and Hermana Alexander

This week Hermana Gonzalez and I have sure had a week of miracles.  Our investigators, Beatriz and her husband are progressing!  They are keeping up with their commitments and are reading their Libro de Mormón and folletos.  We have had great lessons with them about the Restoration, and the Plan of Salvation, but when we came back this week for another visit they had lots of questions still about the Restoration.  We showed them the video of José Smith.  At the end we knew that they gained a Testimony of José Smith and the Restoration.  We have planned this week to teach them about Faith, Repentance, Baptsim, Recieving the Holy Ghost, and Enduring til the end.  We hope that they will accept a baptismal date too for the 4th of March.  We kinda had bad news, but then had great news in the end.  So Javier and Helena told us that they don't want to hear from us anymore, BUT we got a new investigator who was orginally in Rama 3 and he moved into our area.  He has a date for the 18 of Feb! WOOHOO! We still need to meet him, but we will pass by again today.  We also have contacted lots of people and are having times set to visit people! 
We have changes tomorrow.  I am pretty sure Hermana Gonzalez and I will have one more change together! Ester and Juan are improving as well.  They attended Noche de Rama with us and have plans to attend this sunday! They went to Brasil for a bit this week, but we are sure going to pass by next week too!   We had such a great day yesterday with an inactive family, the Nacimentos.  We played a game kinda like memory and they had to look up scriptures and match them.  We also ended with a Testimony meeting and it made me so happy to see the Hermana bare her testimony along with Diego (we reactivated him) I seriously love being apart of helping people come unto their Savior and helping them have a Testimony.  
Looks like the Family is doing well.  I am sorry for the loss of Alton, but I know that he is with his wife.  Dad I am sure that the service was really nice.  How is Grandma and Grandpa doing with this? That was nice that you did a fast with the missionaries!  You should have the boys do more visits with them or you and dad could do one visit with them.  Ward members help a lot with investigators.  I heard about the SUPER BOWL! So fun that you got together with those families.  I am sure it was a good game! CANT WAIT FOR MY PACKAGE! woah another package? Just for my birthday? haha okay! New sheets lol It is so unreal that I will be 20, but I am so excited! Hopefully I will spend it here in PJC and with my Hija! oh craziest we were walking home from church and this drunk man had water balloons and was cat calling us and he was so close to chucking the balloons at us but nothing happened.  The people in the streets were so shocked that we didn't even have a reaction haha  Typical Sundays - Elder Parada got everything out...thank goodness! Luckily he wont be here for my Birthday sooooooo he wont be able to get me back.  I loved the photos of the boys! I sure miss watching them play.  I love this gospel and I love the family that I am apart of.  I thank you for your prayers and support.  Share your testimonies often! LOVE YOUUUUUU! 

Hermana Alexander

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