Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD AND MIKEYYYYYYYYY - celebrate lots for me! I love you guys so much! 
This week we had a great get away and went to Concepción! We heard from Elder Batalla.  He talked a lot about working with the members in our wards and branches and gaining their trust.  We also heard from President Evans and Hermana Evans, they talked about chapter 10 in Preach my Gospel.  It talks about how we need to meet the needs of our investigators and not just teach the lessons.  (Always a good reminder to teach them on thier spiritual level) We stayed with Hermana Thomas and Hermana Fisher - LOVE THEM! Hermana Fisher was in the same group as Hermana Gonzalez in the CCM and Hermana Thomas was in my group. We took lots of pictures.  The bus drive was sure an experience - It was 4 hours..there was no air, but all of the hermanas and elders made the best of it and played games.  It sure is humid - wayyyyyy hotter in Concepción - I'm grateful pjc has nicer weather!
This week was bascially us contacting - we had some great lessons, but are struggling to get baptism dates. We found lots of people this week so we will for sure try talking to them again.  We also are going to try and look for past investigators from other missionaries that were here (thanks to the carpet)  M and B said that they need more time and just want to for sure know (in reality they know - but it is in their timing and the Lords) We actually were blessed this Sunday and recieved a reference from a member! We have an appointment to meet with his friend who attended church for the first time.  We even gave him a Book of Mormon.  He seemed very interested and his girlfriend (she lives in Brasil is a member) We also met a Brasilan frat and there is one boy victor, who is very interested in the church.  Was pretty neat though - we all read 3 Nefi 11 in portuguesse. The spirit was So strong along with the gift of tongues! I truly felt like we all knew each other before and we promised to visit them in this life - are really are good boys!  I'm learning to speak portuguesse now - lots of the people we have contacted are from Brasil, but live here. 
The mission is seriously going by soooooooo fast! Kinda freaking out haha working hard sure makes it go faster! I make the most out of everyday - my motto! It will be fun to celebrate in PJC with Hna G.  We are getting along SOOOOO well! Never a dull moment together.  The members are pumped for my birthday too! I have been here for awhile - Have connected the most with the people here!  Changes are in two weeks..I will probably leave or stay one more change...only the Lord knows.  I really DON'T want to leave.  It will be so hard to say goodbye.  It's been a good Pday. We actually have done a lot today - exploring PJC, shopping, ate, and visited with the members ahhhhh  As for Mosquitos..I have been careful and have been wearing leggings and socks when I sleep - havent gotten bitten in a long time. I have gotten spider bites - that was interesting haha but I am all good! Oh we are actually moving houses this Saturday!   We are moving closer to our church building.  The location is actually really pratical for us! It's in the middle of all of the areas we cover. 
Oh I forgot to mention that while we were contacting we ran into a catholic apostle! He was super nice and actually told us that we could stop by again....butttttttt probably not haha Sounds like you guys are doing really well.The boys are busy with school and sports! Our backyard looks sooooooo pretty! AWW exciting things are happening.  I hope yall celebrate those march birthdays and enjoy being together as a family.  I appreciate your love and support! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Have a good week.  Also read Doctrina y Convenios 9 verse 8.  Really appreciating the importance of prayer and how we can pray at anytime! The Lord sure knows what's best for us.

Hermana Alexander

Conference in Concepción!

Have our bus tickets!

So beautiful and green!

She's the best!

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