Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22, 2017

This week was filled with church movies and good companionship talks haha There is this huge virus going around thanks to the season change..the weather is always changing - hot in the morning, rains in the afternoon, then gets cold at night repeat haha So Thursday on..we rested. I basically had a fever, sore throat, ear aches, congestion... my comp threw up yah it has been bad I talked with Hermana Evans and lots of people have it including her - she said that it took her three weeks to fully recover and not cough. Don't worry haha I am taking meds. We are for sure going to work tomorrow (can't stand not doing anything) I am way better! I actually had immigrations today so we were in Asuncion again and it felt SO good to get out of the house (we tried to get out this week, but yah our energy was shot) We have Zone conference tomorrow so I am really looking forward to that.  I also received a priesthood blessing which gave me strength.  Oh I have news..we get to wear pants again thanks to the mosquitos. It will be nice especially since it's getting cold and raining. Hope you have a great week!

Hermana Alexander

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