Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May 17, 2017

HEY! Skyping the family was seriously so special.  Glad you had a Happy Mothers day! You sure deserve it mom!  Our P day was really special at the Temple! We actually didn't do a session, but we did do initiatory's.  I for sure want to go back and do a session.  We also spent some time in the Celestial room - really needed that.  I am writing today with permission because the power was out all over the city when we got back to Mariano. 


Heading home from P Day we ended up taking a wrong bus and ended up in the south mission - luckily through prayers and the help of the Lord we made it safely
GOT CAUGHT IN THE RAIN - we got so soaked
We had divisions with the Hermana leaders - I worked with Hermana Blanco from Argentina.  We contacted ALL day
We have a new investigator who actually attended this church when she was younger and loves hearing from us - we have another appointment with her this week 
I almost got hit by a drunk person on a motor - I was saved thanks to my comp and the Lord ( seriously was a MIRACLE ) 
We started classes of English 
For Mothers day, Hermana Roncallo and I gave the mothers in our branch bon o bons chocolates with hearts attached.  
Sunday in church was also neat - it was Independence day in Paraguay and they all sang thier anthem


ALSO  going through the Temple was seriously what I needed.  Haven't been through in over a year.  Definitely the House of the Lord.  Hope you all have a great week.  LES AMO MUCHO

Hermana Alexander

My amazing companion, Hermana Roncallo!

So much rain!

Mother's Day treats for the Sisters in our ward :)

Asuncion Paraguay Temple

So happy to be at the Temple!

It was a Happy Mother's Day for the whole family!

Hermana Roncallo's cute family!

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