Monday, June 5, 2017

June 5, 2017

Hey! So the Temple trip didn't quite work out this week, but we'll go soon! This week was a good week and full of many interesting events.  I was able to meet recent converts, Erica and Yanina.  They are the cutest.  We sang and shared a message with them.  They even showed me their pigs - got some pictures with them.   Earilier this week, we went to the hospital to do some test for Hermana Roncallo.  We will be back in Asuncion on wednesday. The first test she had was negative, so hopefully the second will be the same and we can go from there.  Today we had a good P day - we had a yummy lunch and we went with two other Hermanas.  As for the work we are doing our best.  We are just planting seeds and continue inviting people to feel the love that God has for them (one time visit or contact) - just sharing our Testimonies on the streets.  We have faith that Naty is growing spiritually and recieving a testimony.  Also changes are coming up! We find out the news this Sunday! Sounds like you will have a great summer! Super exciting about Mexico and Trek. I sure love you all and really appreciate all your prayers.  I love you guys! 

Random Things 
We had two rappers sing on the bus
I got a HUGE hair in my eye from this other woman (we were on the bus - it was the entertainment)
We ran out of gas on our stove (was sunday so we did noodles in a cup)
Rains, stops, POURSSS 

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