Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26, 2017

So this week has been full of events - not sure exactly where I want to start. Oh and my area is city and open fields - Itaugua is HUGEEEEEE! I will start with our investigators.  So this week we taught Samuel along with a member jose.  We taught him about the Restoration and even shared the Restoration video.  He talked with some Elders a couple years back and he actually remembered some of the doctrine.  The spirit was so strong and he even accepted to get baptized on the 15th of july.  We are hoping that he will continue to grow and commit.  I also had another great experience this week - we were at an inactives house and painted her nails along with her cute daughters.  What was really neat is that I learned a bit of the traditional dance of Paraguay.  There was a huge celebration this week for San Juan.  We also did a Noche de Hogar with the Benitez family.  Sure family to me.  We talked about the 10 commandments.  I also met Carmen who has been an investigator for awhile and we taught her about the Restoration and she accepted to get baptized.  We are working a lot with family history and the member progressing sheet with our recent converts and inactives.  We also helped with a wedding and a baptism for the Elders.  CRAZIEST THING - Hermana Gomez is super sick and we were at the hospital until 11:00 last night. She has had a fever for 3 days.  We didn't even go to church.....  She is getting better.  There is this HUGE flu going around here in Paraguay.  I am actually starting to feel sick, but I'm taking meds and we'll probably take it easy this week.  I was with her the whole time - blood tests, exams, etc It was quite the experience.  Our first time - at least we were going through it together. She is sure a trooper.  We talked with President and Hermana Evans.  The members here are wonderful! They took us down to Asuncion and helped us with the meds and all.  HUGE shoutout to Hermano Acosta! So crazy about Emily's wedding.  A bit bummed that I didn't get a pic in time.  Our District leader picked up my package today and I should get it tomorrow.  We have a meeting with our Distrcit.  Poor Elders had to truck it along with them in collectivos and kept telling me how HUGE it is haha   Also love the trek and Mexico pictures! Sure looks like you guys are busy!  

Hermana Alexander

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