Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016

Hello from YSAPY! I got transferred as well as Hermana Scott! So another Pink Wash in San Jorge.  Changes were CRAZY!  We found out on Tuesday who was leaving, but had no idea where we were going.  We said our goodbyes to a couple of families.  Pablo was really sad....I've never seen the expression that he had that day.  People could not believe that we both were leaving.  We did all that we could for San Jorge... our time was up.  On Weds we met at one of the churches with all our stuff at 5:30 in the morning.  The Assistants to the President had lists of missionaries and I went in a specific car.  I am about two hours away from San Jorge.  
My new companion for this change is Hermana Maldonado! She is from Ecuador.  She has had many experiences in the mission and was in this area previously.  She ends her service in December.  She only speaks espanol haha this will sure be a blessing because I will keep learning.  It is difficult sometimes to communicate, but I know it will get better. Everything is temporary hahahaha  I have taught her English as well.  It will be a win win for us.  Our area is HUGE.  We have Elders in our area as well.  Elder Stark and Elder Smith.  They are Americans! Goooooo America! Our ward is seriously SO friendly!  Feel at home!  They haven't had an American Sister for a LONNNNNNGGGGGGG TIMEEEEE. Soooooo I am one of the lucky american sisters who gets to serve here! We were able to have a ward service project where we helped clean up a school.  
The Lord is seriously so great.  We were able to receive 5 new Investigators with a date set for Nov. We were just contacting and happened to contact a lady who is a member and her grandson was also baptized.  What was cool is that Christens girl isn't a member, but is interested in this gospel.  They attended church this Sunday as well.  They have a cute son Angel too!  Andresa has a date set for November 12th.  She is 19!  We also met the friends of Christen, Pablo and Pedro, and Cloudia.  Both are 19 and have a cute baby girl as well.  The other brother is 21.  They also have dates set.  They were very interested in what we were teaching them.  We have had one of our recent converts Daysi help us out with lessons.  She is sweet and helpful.  I was grateful that she told my comp that we should teach together....she hasn't really had me speak much....all a learning process. I don't know hahaha There is a reason we are together.  It can be difficult, but patience and love is a must.  She has had 3 Americans comps.  I don't think she really liked them....I think I am here to help her know American's aren't bad hahaha I try to do nice things like cleaning the dishes and taking out the garbage.  What I love about Hermana Maldonado is that she loves music! We have music playing a lot.  She likes sleeping to music as well. I bore my Testimony too on Sunday!  We have been really discussing repentance in our lessons with our Investigators and members.  We had a really good lesson last night.  We taught Paola the end of lesson 2 which is about the Plan of Salvation.  
Also a funny was our second night in Ysapy and there was a rat in our house.  Hermana Maldonado and I got on a chair and she got the broom and killed it.  I will send lots of photos.  We cleaned the house this morning and later today we are going out with Daysi and just doing things around here, BURGER KING MAYBE TOO HAHA playing a lot..We also teach later tonight!  Seriously appreciate your prayers.  SEND PICS OF HOMECOMING!  So glad that you are all doing well.  OH FRANCISCO is getting baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Literally SOOOOOO happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all and seriously LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MONDAYS.  That is crazy that Joe will be in JR HIGH.  Exciting about Josh getting braces.


Hermana Alexander

I love this family! So sad that I couldn't say bye to Francisco because he was working! We left him a note :)
Pablo and his sweet Mama!

Abel Family 

Hermano Blanco

Goodbyes to Hermana Granados!

Hermana Martin..Love her!

Goodbyes to all of the Hermanas in our District!

Vialba Family 

Matching Paraguay Jerseys! Love Hermana Scott!

My new companion haha!

So gross!


Ward Service Project! The shirts were huge!

Que guapa here is a hard worker!

She makes the best tortillas! And this bathroom was super clean haha

We sang Happy Birthday to him in Spanish, English, & Guarani!

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