Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016

HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wasn´t Conference so good??? I loved every minute of it! Thomas S. Monson and the leaders of the church are called of God for sure! Seriously love them all and what they do for this church.  God is our Father in Heaven. He knows exactly what we need.  The Doctrine of Christ was mentioned a lot.  I love how they talked about really knowing about the Restoration, the Atonement, and how the Plan of Salvation is for our happiness and joy. (the first three lessons we teach on the mission) I am seriously so glad that you guys were able to attend General Conference and how neat for the boys! I love that Conference is broadcasted all over the world! I was like Hi family and America haha I am so jealous that you guys went to a BYU game! Seriously so fun! YAY for the win too! LOVED all the pictures you sent. On Saturday, I watched the Women's Conference and the morning and aftrnoon sessions in Spanish.  I actually understood a lot or at least the main points of each talk haha On Sunday though, WE WATCHED IT IN ENGLISH! LOVED hearing their actual voices. Our friend Oscar set up the broadcast.  He seriously gave us a VIP room and we were able to watch it on a huge T.V. Francisco attended the SUNDAY morning session. He is really progressing!  We taught him about the Word of Wisdom.  He has a problem with smoking.  We set some goals and I gave him lollipops haha.  SO far he is clean which is SOOOOOOOO AWESOME! He was struggling a bit and we just expressed our love for him and the Saviors and told him that HE CAN DO IT! AND he is!  
I am WAYYYYYYY healthier now! I went to the doctor on Wednesday and he told me that I had a virus so he gave me some medicine.  We also had some really well taught lessons this week.  We taught Marilyn, Andrea and her 4 sisters, Evert, The Encina Flia, along with so many others! We invited everyone to Conference and read 1 Nephi chapter 8 - Lehi´s vision about the tree of life - doing this was a great way for us to introduce prophets and how the iron rod is the scriptures, faith, prophets etc.  Some of the Flia Shiray came to the Sunday afternoon session.  Oh..funny story! We forgot it was daylight savings so it was a very confusing morning haha Conference actually started at 1 our time instead of 12! Anyways, it all worked out! Pablo is doing so well.  That is seriously so sweet that the boys pray for him.  He lost his trail mix wrapper and was so sad.  He wanted to keep it as a memory.  I told him before I leave I could give him another one.  
CHANGES ARE ON WEDS! AWWW tomorrow at our District meeting we find out who stays and who leaves.  We are only told if we leave.  We don't find out where we are going or who our comp is until we are there. I know it will be great and that the Lord is in charge.  I will sure miss Hermana Scott. Today for P day I am going to dye Hermana Scotts hair, go to Burger King haha, and just have a great last P day together!  We have been through a lot and I can't thank her enough for my training experiences! I love my mission! It is the best thing for me to be doing and to experience! I hope all of my children to serve! It makes you see the importance of this life and you really learn to be who Heavenly Father wants you to be!
Also Maria Lousias family LOVES TWIX but NOT BEEF JERKY HAHAHAHAHA  She fed us cow ears.  I sure put lots of ketchup and mayo on it haha Also we hung out a lot with the Hermanas in Loma!  We enjoyed having a bit of a break with conference!  The weather is SUPER HOT and then it rains so much and gets even HOTTER! Water came in from the ceiling and the walls are wet haha I do love the rain though! The lightening is also so crazy here! Tell the boys and our extended family hiiii I sure love them! Super cool about David getting his mission call to Africa! AWWW such a cute name for the baby! Cant wait to meet her.  Show her pics of me lol That is pretty crazy that Joe is at Sly Park! He will have a good time.  Hope you all have another great week! LOVE YOUUUUUUUU 


Hermana Alexander 

Lunch on Saturday after the first session of General Conference!

We love the Hermanas from Loma!

Angels in Paraguay haha

Chicken Fights lol - The Elders had fun taking the pictures haha

General Conference - Sunday

It rained so much last night! We should probably get this fixed haha

The fans we have dry up most of the water :)

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