Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24, 2016

Hermana Maldonando and I had another great and successful week!  Lots of great things are happening!  Pablo and Claudia are getting prepared for their baptism and wedding.  The date is set for Nov 5th.  They are so ready for this step in their lives!  They attended church again and even got interviewed by our Stake President.  He said they are ready for Baptism.  They are getting to know everyone in our ward which is so great!  I also gave Claudia my black moo moo dress so that she has something to wear to church on Sundays.  Her expression was unforgettable.  Pure happiness! She kept saying how much she loves the dress! The ward is getting involved and helping them and making sure that they feel like family.  We also have been having lessons with the members in our ward.  It makes such a difference in the lessons.  We had a good lesson with P and Hermana B.  P has been having the discussions for awhile....before I came to Ysapy.  She knows in her heart that this is the gospel that she needs for her family. We discussed the Family Proclamation.  It is hard for her to decide and commit to baptism because her boyfriend isn't interested and has never had a discussion with the missionaries.  To add to that her family is Catholic and want nothing to do with our religion.  We discused how she needs to set the example in her family.  We told her to discuss religion with her boyfriend and to make sure they have the same goals.  We also told her that they should pray and read the Book of Mormon together.  She attended church with her daugther this Sunday! This was such a blessing because many times she says she will come and she doesn't.  I have been learning a lot and pondering about the importance of this life.  The family is so important and a HUGE blessing.  Also we only have success and happiness when we put our whole heart, mind, and strength in Him.  This life is to become like our Savior.  A and C have been having relationship problems because A doesn't want to get married...we are working with them.  On the bright side they attended church this Sunday! 
It makes me so happy to hear that everything is going well for you and the family.  Sure love the pictures!  Guess what!  Elder Rasband is coming this Saturday to our office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be an unforgettable experience!  Also so exciting for Logan and Hunter!  Those are great calls! 

Hermana Alexander

Ceci & Mati!

Ceci is a recent convert..Love her and her family! Mati calls me amo :)

Pablo, Pedro, Claudia, & Hermana Maldonado!

Love the crazy pics haha

Sure love these people!

Hermana Maldonado talking to Elder Stark haha

Pray for Estanisla and Naida! Nadia is a recent convert and her grandma is having some health problems!

We love the fan! 

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