Monday, November 7, 2016

November 7, 2016

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Crazy to think that I only have a year left of my mission! Almost 6 months down haha! WOOOO! Boy the mission is flying by....sure enjoying every second!  I am starting to truly love the mission.  It is hard sometimes but I sure love it! Learning lots! 
This week was the week of Claudia and Pedros wedding and baptism! We took lots of pictures so get ready for a photo overload! Their baptsim and marriage was a really special day for them.  They had lots of support from the ward members which was really nice.  Our ward mission leader baptized them.  On Sunday they were confirmed and are offically members of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!  Their daughter also had her baby blessing. We had a good time getting the font all ready.
We also had Zone Conference.  I was able to speak with President Evans.  It was so nice to express how I was feeling - He gets it.  We have changes next week!  Who knows what will happen.  Lots of people think that Hermana Maldonado and I will stay together....whatever happens I know is what the Lord wants. Paola attended church by herself this sunday and told us that she wants to get baptized!  She also has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying with her boyfriend.  They are talking about getting married! They are planning on next year, but hopefully we can convince them to get married sooner hahaha It is a step in the right direction! We also talked with Andresa and Christan again....Christan attended church too with his grandma, but not Andresa.  We read over 1 Nefi cap 8.  I know one day she will accept the gospel.  
We did service at our bishops house! It was fun to work with the Elders too!  Elder Starks threw a frog at a palm tree.  It was stuck in a well for who knows how long so he figured he'd help the poor frog in pain out haha  We also ate some coco.  Oh and just so you know - this week I ate a pig head, a pigs tongue, and a cow tail.  We also helped out a family in our ward sell fried chickens.  The Elders and us had a great lunch.  
I love all the photos you sent! Looks like you all had a great Halloween!  So exciting about the CUBS WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! You will have to tell me who wins the Election.  Yah I will sure pray for our Country.   Thanks for the prayers and for fasting for me!  Please pray that we will find investigators.  We are going to focus on this a lot this week.  The District loved the chocolates!  We made pancakes.  I will bring the popcorn this week.  Hermana Maldonado loves rice krispie treats and captain crunch.  Mac n cheese not so much! More for me hahaha That is seriously so awesome that Joey has a baptism recommend!  Dad tell everyone at the funeral hello!  Sure loved the pictures! Everyone looks SO good! LOVEEEEE YOUUUU ALLLLLL

Hermana Alexander

Such a special day!

He loves his toy motorcycle!

Our last official lesson before their baptism!

Service at the Bishops..chopping down some branches! 

Selfie with Tobias!

Loves his dog!

They remind me of Joey & Joshua! Oh and I'm wearing pants!

So cute!

They sealed the deal!
Happy Day!

Love this!!

So blessed to be a missionary!

Thought I had small feet haha

Doing Naida's hair and makeup! So fun!

She is all ready and looks beautiful!

Pretty cool little car for Angel!

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