Monday, January 2, 2017

January 2, 2017


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe we are in the year of 2017.  Where has the time gone???? Looks like you guys had a great new years! Loved the pictures that you took in San Francisco! AWWWWW MARYN IS HOMMMMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! She looks so good! 
I have a new companion - Hermana Rodriguez from ECUADOR!  She is seriously such a great missionary and has such a strong testimony. This week we had some amazing lessons together.  When she first arrived she was like heyyyyy whatsss upppppp! Automatic friendship hahaha I sure love people from Ecuador - was with Hermana Maldonado and now with Hermana Rodriguez. She has a really neat story- She is a recent convert! You know I love RECENT CONVERTS. She actually reminds me a lot of Kimmie! She is learning English with me.. singing hymns. The people here were really happy that I stayed.  They love Hermana Rodriguez as well which makes me so happy! I know that we will change our rama for the better.  I know the Lord knows exactly who the people need right now - me and hna Rodriguez.  New Years was fun here! Lots of fireworks, gun shots, food, drunk people, music haha the usual.  We spent must of our New years with the members that were still in town.  Our attendance this week..... hahaha our President and his family weren't there because they were out of town along with our Rama.  
This Sunday we were intorduced to Helena.  She attended church with her aunt and uncle 
(who were visiting from Brazil) we later visited her and talked about the Restoration of this gospel.  We also shared the Joseph Smith video (we are using videos now - they really help)  She is very prepared.  We were apart of an answer to her aunt and uncles prayers.  In relief society, Hna Rodriguez and I discussed the Book of Mormon.  What was neat was that while we were discussing what we should share beforehand I had a huge impression to speak on the Book of Mormon.  Also in our Sunday school class the Book of Mormon was discussed and knowing the truth through the Holy Ghost and prayer.  
We are sure working hard to find new people.  Mariela, Lidia, Fatima, and Emy are still working towards their baptism.  We were able to share the gospel with the husband of Emy.  This was sure a huge blessing!  Hermana Cordova left which was a bitter sweet moment for both of us.  She emailed me today! Looks like she is sure happy to be home! We also found a new investigator Dioniso.  He believes in God and Jesus, but doesnt really think we need a religion.  We are going to try and change his opinion haha Please pray for the Flia Diez and Hno Antonio.  They have so many blessings waiting.  I know a few extra prayers will help.  Sure glad to still be in Pedro Juan.  I love it here!  I hope you guys have a good week! LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU.  Give Maryn a huge hug for me at her Farewell.

Hermana Alexander

"The roads turn into rivers!"

Three of my favorite companions! 

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