Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017

SO CHANGES HAPPENED!  Dad will be really stoked to hear this - My campanion is Hermana Arch from ARGENTINA.  She is from Buenos Aires and has 7 months in the mission.  We sure had a great first week together.  Really looking forward to this change.  Carmen is preparing for the 15th of August.  We both know that this date is better for her.  We contacted so much this week and found 13 new people - references sure helped us.  We are working with Elsa and her husband.  Elsa accepted to get baptized on the 2 of September.  We are going to try and do a visit with the Chavez family.  Elsa is sure ready and her husband too! (we just met him at our last visit, but he is very interested and is reading the pamphlets) I am starting English classes now too which will be fun. We start this Thursday.  I also gave a talk this Sunday about how can we use Christs strength in our daily lives.  We also have a goal to reactivate the recent converts that were baptized not to long ago.  We met Tania and Christopher (they are siblings) was sure great to get to know them and help them with their Testimonies.  They both want to go back to curch.  Isabele also attended (has been quite some time as well ) We helped her this week with her Personal Progress.  I am loving Itaugua and it has been fun getting to know the members more! Sure sounds like you all had a good time and Utah and dad was happy being with Hershey haha I sure love you guys and love hearing from you.  

Hermana Alexander

Saying goodbye to Hermana Gomez!

Happy to be serving with Hermana Arch from Argentina!

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