Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016

HEYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!  This week was Marlenes Baptism!  I love her so much!  She had such a beautiful baptismal service on Saturday.  The spirit was so strong and she truly had the light of Christ's "glow" after she arose from the water.  What was neat was that she told Hermana Scott and I that as she was walking into the font that she had a memory of doing this before.  AH! I know that she will be a great example to her family.  In church as she was receiving the Holy Ghost the words which were spoken were so beautiful.  She kept telling us that she felt so happy and so much peace.  The gospel is such a blessing.  
I have been thinking about repentance a lot and it is so wonderful that our Savior, Jesus Christ died for us so that we may be forgiven and can constantly change for the better through repentance and His Atonement.  Marlenes mother is a member, but hasn't been at church for the longest time.  It was such a huge blessing that she came and supported Marlene on Saturday! (was a cold winter day too) .  She gave me the biggest hug and thanked Hermana Scott and I.  She was with us when we taught Marlene for the first time (when Marlene accepted the baptismal question) 
Remember Laura - we got ourselves a new investigator!  We were introduced to her friend Sandra (they were neighbors) .  She is 16 and loves this gospel.  Laura and her family already moved to the Chaco but Sandra was out when we were passing by and was like, they moved and then she asked if we could teach her!  She told us that her and Laura talked a lot about the gospel. And of course we taught her!  We are preparing her for her baptism which hopefully will be on Sept. 17.  We also want to set her up with Maria Lousias boy LOL we are going to have him do some visits with us this week haha.  Also this week Hermana Scott and I along with our District decided to be better with contacts.  On Sunday after church when we were heading to a Lesson, we decided to contact EVERYONE on the streets haha In 20 minutes we contacted 41 people, including some drunk people (probably the last time we do that lol ) 
We also visited Hermana Caballero twice this week - the first time we visited her we discussed  3 Nephi 11:15.  It is where Jesus Christ has the people touch his hands and feet one by one. We also talked about the Book Of Mormon and the Holy Ghost.  What was cool was that we taught her son and his wife who are of a different faith.  The spirit was so strong and BOY the gift of tongues was totally with me and helped me tell them what they needed to hear. On our second visit we wanted to make sure her granddaughter was alright.  She just recently had her apendix removed.  She is well and handled it great!  She is only 5.  Hermana Scott and I sang hymns with her and we talked about prayer.   I gave her along with Hermana Caballero a CTR ring.  The people here love the CTR rings.  Would love to get some more if you can get some :) oh and the stickers! The kiddos love those.  Overall this week has been a good one!  We also found this new area that we had no idea existed.  We did some contacting, but need to explore it more.  We met a family that we are for sure going to contact again.  Tonight we are doing a Family Home Evening with Andrea and Dannie and their cute baby Ieker along with Andreas siblings (She has sisters for pretty much all the boys in our family haha) They are cuties! Everything looks good at home!  That is seriously so awesome that Joey received the priesthood! And yah have Matthew tell me about his blessing!  Have him read it often! Thanks for sending me pictures!  Sure is nice being kept up to date with peoples lives haha Ellee and her BUMP!  SOOOOOOOO CUTEEEEE! Tell ASH congrats! SO exciting about Jamie too!!!! Lots of happy things are happening! 
LOVVVVVEEEEEEE YOUUUU ALLLLLLL! How is having some no kiddo time????????  When I read the package note I told Hermana Scott and we were cheering haha  Thanks for your prayers and support!  Tell everyone back home hello!!!!!! 


Hermana Alexander

3 Nephi 11:15  And it came to pass that the multitude went forth, and thrust their hands into his side, and did feel the prints of the nails in his hands and in his feet; and this they did do, going forth one by one until they had all gone forth, and did see with their eyes and did feel with their hands, and did know of a surety and did bear record, that it was he, of whom it was written by the prophets, that should come.

Such a happy Day!

Love her so much!

Hermano Gonzales is the best!  He gives us lots of references and introduced us to Marlene!

Marlene and Hermano Bael..We want them to get married haha (they both don't know this) His dad is in the presidency in our ward.  We are close with his family.  We have lunch with them every week! Lunch is our only meal..they don't do dinners!

We had two jumpsuits and they were huge! We were like Marlene cannot wear this! Luckily we found another one!

Hermana Scott is an amazing artist! Funny story..We have weekly meetings with Hermano Franco who is our Ward Mission Leader.  He helped us plan the baptism so we gave him a thank you card.  When we did a weekly meeting, the thing she drew actually happened! We cried and laughed so hard!  He also has the cutest kiddos!

Hugest frog ever!

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