Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016

As the Jonas Brothers would say- IM BURNIN UP BURNIN UP FOR THIS GOSPEL
This week started off super well and became a bit difficult due to the fact that I was sick :( But all is well. I am seriously so grateful for my Father in Heaven.  He sure helps me get through things that I cannot do alone.  He is aware of my needs and everyones.  I will give an example- so during the week I had been having uncomfortable stomach pains along with some other things.  Friday we stayed home all day and I was able to rest and felt a bit better.  Saturday I was able to get through the whole day and work as I usually do.  Early Sunday morning...around (1:45 am) I threw up.  I asked for the strength to be able to go to church and at least feel well enough to give my talk in Sacrament meeting. I talked about Baptismal covenants and how we should sacrafice our time and efforts for the Lords work.  I shared the Scripture in D&C 97:8 which reads, Verily I say unto you, all among them who know their hearts are honest, and are broken, and their spirits contrite, and are willing to observe their covenants by sacrifice--yea, every sacrifice which I, the Lord, shall command--they are accepted of me. It's a good one!  The Lord was SO merciful and I was able to get through all of church.  When we arrived home I felt awful again with a rising fever. I called Hermana Evans and she told me to ask the Elders to give me a blessing.  I called our Zone leaders and our ward mission leader Hermano Franco.  They were so amazing and took time out of their day to give me a blessing.  What was funny is that the Elders were on Divisions so I had 4 Elders come to our house along with Hermano Franco.  I am so grateful for the Priesthood.  It truly is the power of God.  I didnt even tell Elder Hunter that I had stomach pains and in the blessing it was so specific and the Lord told me through Elder Hunter that "You will have peace in your stomach. The pain will go away. This will pass and you will be healed." It truly was a great and unforgetable experience.  After the blessing I just slept for the rest of day and I seriously felt brand new.  It was like the pains and sickness never happened..I was even able to eat a burger from McDonalds haha.(Hermana Belen gave us that for lunch on Saturday)  Besides being sick the times where I was able to stand and live were so great haha A lady I contacted asked if I was from Brazil lol She said that I talk like a person from there! I hope that was a good thing..I took it as a good thing haha
Last Monday on P day Hermana Scott and I took the wrong Collectivo trying to get to the city and ended up in San Lorenzo! We just laughed!  We didnt end up going to the party, but had an adventure and actually had quite the adventure going back home.  We were in so much traffic and were getting sick from the collectivos so we walked part of the way back hahaha Another crazy thing is that Hermana Scott and I ripped out a weed plant lol. It belonged to a guy that just recently got the priesthood who wanted to cherish this moment with us.  I testified about the priesthood with him and basically told him that with unworthiness you won't have the power. I was proud of him for letting go of this past habit.  
We had lunches lined up this week and 3 times in a row we had gnocchi.  They are really yummy.  Hermana Scott and I were like what if we get gnocchi everyday this week....we pretty much did lol 
We were able to visit Pablos 's (a recent convert who is preparing to serve a mission - he comes along with us to teach sometimes) extended family who are less active and have been having a hard time- The grandpa has had 2 byepass surgeries and it has effected everyone..not in the most positive way.  I really felt the love that Heavenly Father has for them and I shared Doctrina y Convenios 50:24 It expresses how God is light and the more we rely on Him our light will become brighter and brighter.  I compared how the light is like fe.  It is a continual action.  We had some great moments and Pablos's grandma came to church this Sunday.  Hermana Scott and I couldn't believe it.  We were so happy to have her there! We had 71 people attend and they were all less actives.  Sad news is that Laura is leaving and going to the chaco with her family so we can't teach or visit her anymore.  We get to visit her for the last time on wednesday.  Good news is that Marlene got a new job!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has been able to attend church and has a ligther work schedule and SHE IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY AT 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hermana Scott and I are preparing a musical number.  Seriously cannot wait for Saturday!  I cannot believe that I have officially been in Paraguay for 1 month! Next week will mark 3 months in the mission!  I am so excited for Riley and Conner! That is seriously so awesome!  I am sure Dallins homecoming was amazing! That is so fun that you and dad were able to go to a dance.  Seriously tell everyone hiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!! TELL JOE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Let him know that I will celebrate for him here in Paraguay! Tell the boys goodluck with school and I cannot wait to hear how the first week went! 


Hermana Alexander

D&C 50:24 That which is of God is light; and he that receiveth light and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day.  

So blessed to be meeting all of these amazing families!

Reminds me of trying to take a picture with my little brothers haha  

Cutest little guy!

Hermana Scott and I on paper haha

Beautiful Sunsets!

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  1. She sounds like she is doing amazing (which we all figured she would). I had a chance to do some missionary work. Someone had posted on Facebook a story about a mother who had done some terrible things to her young child and asked, "How could anyone, let alone her own mother, do that?" I quoted Romans 1 to her which states the terrible things that will happen in our society when we forget God or as Paul says, "... they did not like to retain God in their knowledge...". When we forget God we open the door for other bad things to enter in. Then I explained to her how we need to help others come unto Christ and Heavenly Father.