Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016

This week has been a great week.  The work is really coming along.  We have 6 new Investigators which is amazing!  We have helped our chuch attendance - we had 66 this Sunday.  We visited our minos activos and the people we visited came!  One even gave the opening prayer.  The Lord is seriously amazing and amazes me everyday.  We had divisions so I worked with Hermana Jara in Campo Grande which is in the City, a little bit away from San Jorge.  It was neat to see the difference in these two areas.  I met Hermana Jara's recent convert who is 13.  We read a bit from The Strength of Youth with her.  Divisions are for 1 day.  It made me realize how blessed I am to be in San Jorge.  The people are more humble and accepting.  I am learning constantly and enjoying everyday.
I am doing so well!  Utah seriously looked so fun!  Glad ya'll had a great time!  Thats kinda nice to have a couple of weeks to just stay at home and do little things before the summer ends.  That is crazy that school is going to start for them! Yah Hermana Scott is from there!  She says hi! Yes! it is such a blessing to have clean clothes!  We have like no time...always working.  Which is fun! Grateful to have 1 less thing to do haha WE GOT OUR PACKAGE THIS WEEK!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!  We sure miss American food lol and thank you for everything that was in it! I haven't seen Elder Dufort, but maybe we will see him at Zone Conference??? We have one this Weds.  Loved the girls camp letters and the family letters.  TELL EVERYONE BACK HOME HIIIIIII AND THAT I LOVE THEM AND APPRECIATE THEIR SUPPORT AND PRAYERS!  Wait... an open house for their marriage???  I cant wait to meet him.  I am so happy for Jennie.  Ellees belly is sure cute!  Thats so exciting about the McCrary family!  You will have to let me know where Emily goes.  I have no doubt that Ryan was an amazing missionary.  Tell the Kings hiiiiii!  Kimmie sent a really heart felt email.  She is seriously amazing!  We listen to music everyday and yes the pitcher is amazing!  KEEP THE PICS COMING! 

Hola Hermana Alexander,
Have you learned any Spanish?  Have you made any friends? Is your companion nice? Do you like Paraguay? I can't believe you see ostriches there! I am doing perfect. I start soccer tomorrow.  I had fun in Utah. I loved seven peaks and playing laser tag.  I love you! have fun! 

Love, Adam

ADAM! Yes I have been learning lots and lots of Spanish.  Everyday I learn new words and phrases...I am getting more comfortable going up to random people in the streets and starting a conversation. I am also improving on teaching about the gospel. There is a boy Nico who I visit and he reminds me of you.  He is 6 just like you! I will have to get a picture with him and send it to you.  I have made lots of friends as well.  I have become friends with the people in our branch and with our investigators who are learning about this true gospel.  Have you been reading the Book of Mormon? My companion is Hermana Scott!  I love her so much.  We are so much alike which is such a blessing.  We say we are pre-mortal friends.  Lots of ostriches!  They love this one specific spot and all just hangout there...there are also lots of random cows and dogs that roam on the streets.  Seven Peaks and Laser Tag are way fun!  So exciting about soccer.  In Paraguay they call soccer futbol.  Soccer is very popular here.  Lots of the people play in the streets and every sunday they have games that last all night.  Have mom take lots of videos and pictures!  You will be awesome! Love you chubs!  

hi, abby 
Its sad you did not get to come to Utah but you are happy were you are happy were you are serving the lord. I hope you learned the language well enough
to speak hope more people are in your branch. i miss you very much. 
Love Josh

JOSH! Utah seemed way fun!  Looks like you all had a great time!  What was your favorite part? We had lots of minos activos attend our church this sunday which made me so happy!  It is growing, but we sure have lots of work to do.  Helping others come unto Jesucristo is the best thing we can do and to share our testimonies.  The language is coming along, I'm always learning something new! I miss you Josh and love you so much!  Sing lots for me and have jams in the car! haha Are there new songs that you think id like? Nikki Jam is very popular here haha Everyone blasts their music in the night and even early early in the morning.

Hi Abby,
        Hi, its your "Favorite Brother" Joey! We went to Utah this week and it was fun, but its not the same without you blasting your music in the car! Anyway, We got to go to milford which I don't think you have ever been to, but if you have tell me!!! But, before we went to southern Utah we got to go to the BYU Bookstore, Seven Peaks, Park City, and ParkCity's MainStreet where they had a Family Tree Center, which I have never seen a FamilyTree Center before! Now Please Take The Time To Answer My Questions. Have you been getting better with the language? Is Your Companion Cool? Also tell her we went by Parowon! Is Your Ward or Branch Strong? Do you love the people there? IS YOUR HAIR REALLY BLOND?!?!?! if it is send a picture please! Anyway hope you do well!!! P.S. If You Have Any Questions TELL ME!!! 
 Sincerely Your Favorite Brother, Joey

WHATS UP JOE - MY FAVORITE BROTHER :) Mom sent lots of pictures! Seems like yall had a fun time in Utah.  I told josh to have jam sessions so be prepared haha I miss our car rides!  When I email they play music so I can hear some old familar songs haha  I have never been to Milford...ill have to go sometime!  So fun that you got to see where Grandpa grew up.  Park City is sure fun!  What is a family tree center? For family history? Seems fun! HEYYYYY your birthday is coming up! 
Yes I have been getting WAY better with the language!  Lots of mistakes haha but I'm learning! I have been able to teach better and have somewhat of a conversation with others...its hard, but I know it will come.  I LOVE MY COMPANION!!!!!  We get along super well...we are pretty much the same....I told her and she says hiiiiiiiiiii! Our branch has some amazing people in it.  We were able to have our minos activos attend.  We had the attendance go up from 45 to 60.  I LOVE THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! My hair is getting lighter and lighter everyday haha Love you Joe! Love hearing from you.  I will send pictures! What is something that you would like me to get you from Paraguay??????  LOVE YA

Hi Abby,
           It's Matthew what's up? Is Paraguay extremely different compared to the United States? Do you and your companion walk around in the jungle, or is it more like a run-down, dirty town? Anyways I recently went to EFY and had a great time.  I hope everything is going well for you and that as you continue to serve you are becoming more fluent with Spanish, and that language soon won't be a problem at all! Anyways have a great time, and remember your purpose while you are there.

dude- stop growing! haha you are a man! I remember us when we were 2 and I was 4 haha I actually met a family and the kids had the relationship that we I am getting all teary eyed wooooo Paraguay is so different hahaha no speed limits, not american food, barely any white people hahahahahaha There are some jungle parts, but also dirty roads and there is a city as well.  We are in the ghetto part....shhh we have the most dangerous area for sister missionaries, but I haven't felt unsafe.  We are smart and listen close to the spirit.  Sundays we are extra careful- lots of parties! One time we were walking and I had a strong impression to go into a shop and we did.  Nothing happened, but I know the spirit protected us.  He does constantly.  EFY seemed so fun!  Tell your friends hi. Have you gone on dates????? I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE GOING TO BE A JR!!!!!!! The language is coming bit by bit , but will come! hahaha Send me pictures!!!! Also listen to music for me!

Hola Abby, 
           I hope your having a fun time in Paraguay!  Its been a long 2 and 1/2 weeks, but it was fun.  We explored some National Parks & went into the Lehman Caves.  I hope your having just as much fun this summer as I am.  How are you doing on the language? EFY was great!!!! It was very spiritual and I look forward to it next year.  Have fun!

UTAH seemed like such a blast!  Love seeing the pictures! Dude! You are becoming a man too! So crazy! But awesome! The caves looked so cool!  Was that your favorite? haha We are in our winter season, but it is sure hot, it gets so cold too!  December is going to be wayyyyy hot!!!!! Swim for me! EFY is sure fun huh?  Thats so great that you had a great experience.  The dances are the best and yes you can find the cuties! LOVVVVVVEEEE YOUUUUUUUUU

She makes me feel so tall lol

New Convert Gabriella 

Divisions with Hermana Jara!

Just a pig wandering around haha

Scenic pictures of Paraguay!

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