Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8, 2016

DON'T STOP BELIEVING! As Journey would say.....
Hey! This week has been another great week.  Many unforgettable experiences happenend.  First off we had zone conference which was seriously amazing!  We learned so much and it was nice to be able to talk with President Evans one on one.  He comforted me about the language.  I have actually been more confident with the language and have been able to flow with the lessons and be able to say more of what I actually want to say...AND I MAKE SENSE HAHA  I asked our new Investigator Laura the Baptismal Question!  She is 19 and has two kids with this guy that she lives with.  We are praying that he will get his act together...he has some issues with the word of wisdom. Hopefully he will be interested in the gospel and listen to one of the lessons with Laura.  
The Lord has been so merciful to us this week.  First off, he protected us from jumpers.  Last Monday after we emailed, we went out to eat.  They didn't ask us for our drink order and gave us my mission we aren't allowed to drink coke.  Of course we were obedient and just threw away the drinks.  Later that night we were walking and we came across some jumpers and their van.  The spirit told me- if you have had that coke you and Hermana Scott would have gotten jumped.  I truly believe this.  The jumpers didn't even look at us.  We are so safe because of the Lord.  I seriously have never felt safer lol Hermana Scott was feeling spunky this week and she had me dye her first it was way too red but we recolored it and it looks quite good! I'll send some pictures.  We had a pretty good time. In her words - She looks dang HOT haha I was actually pretty proud of myself! 
Hermana Scott and I have been so careful with listening to the spirit....another story - we were walking to go to one of our Investigators homes and Hermana Scott felt impressed not to go this we didn't.  We decided to go another way and then we felt that we shouldn't go this way either -there was a naked guy sooooo we found another way!....-Hermana Scott was like is he naked and I was like yahhh - ( luckily the sun was super bright haha) finally we ended up where we needed to be.  We also didn't have any food and our lunch with a member got cancelled...what did the Lord do...bring the ice cream man and afterwards we started our fast.  Seriously the Lord knows our needs. 
I had a good experience with a less active mother.  We went over the scripture that talks about God is light and how when we turn to him our light and faith grows stronger.  She has the sweetest girl Shirley who I just adore.  We are praying for her everyday.  This Sunday was such a great Testimony Meeting.  We had the attendance of 72!  The less actives that we taught this week came! Some even came two Sundays in a row! These members haven't been going in the longest time!  It seriously makes me so happy to see them come!  The members and investigators that we have been teaching have also seen my progress with the language and have been expressing how much better I am.  Hermano Blanco finally warmed up to me and we are homies! haha We have five new investigators this week Victoria, Rosa, Nene, Luara, and Dionisio.  
Also Hermana Scott and I have been trying hard to be heathly ( homemade smoothies are our life) .  We ran this week which I serioulsy love and one of the members in our ward has workout stuff and said we can use them!  Seriously how cool is that????  Today for p day we are going into the city to celebrate some missionaries birthdays. 
I seriously love how great everyone is doing back home!  Keep me updated with the Olympics!  Saturday there was soccer game and everyone was watching and having parties!  I seriously cannot believe that Mikey Mike is going to be a Freshman! HOLY COW! That will be such a great experience for him to have Matthew with him.  AND PLEASE let me know how the blessing goes for Matthew!  I am sad that I wont be there! Ellee's baby shower looked so great!  Tell the family hello!  The weather is making me a bit day it is super hot and then the next day it's freezing cold and raining. Don't worry though..I am good haha LOVE YOU ALLL AND HAVE A GREAT WEEK! 


Hermana Alexander

Happy Hermanas serving the Lord in Paraguay!

Pathways through Paraguay!

Reptiles in Paraguay..I guess it could be worse haha

I love the people here!

Love this little girl so much!

Such an amazing family!

Don't worry..we didn't drink it!

Spunky Hermana Scott wants to go red!!!

I did a pretty good job haha

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  1. You are gaining all sorts of skills...including hair dying! Germans Scott looks great! You two are lucky to be together. Love you Abby!