Monday, January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017

HEYYYYYYYYY from Campo Grande and the Mission Office! This week was a pretty normal week until Weds.  Hermana Rodriguez and I left for Asuncion and arrived in Campo Grande at 5 in the morning.  Her comp was aready there so they left and started working in Loma.  I did trios with Christiansen and Hermana Bravo.  We sure had a great day of work together.  The next day we had breakfast at Presidents house and celebrated Elder Paradas Birthday.  We had homemade pancakes from the Evans.  SOOOOO I am currently in Campo Grande.....after 5 days here.  Of course I am working, but it is more like a vacation.  We leave here tonight at 10:30.  I also picked up my daughter in the mission haha, Hermana Gonzalez from the airport with the Hermana leaders.  She is from CALIFORNIA!  We have so much in common! She is American, but her parents are from Mexico! ( such a blessing ) We later did divisions with the hermana leaders and then spent the other nights doing divisions with hermana Christiansen and hermana Bravo.  We have been helping with the work a lot here in campo grande.  I can't send pictures which is a bit of a bummer and I don't have much time cause I am borrowing this from Travis ( presidents son) but I love you guys and I will make sure to send lots of pictures next week. Oh funniest thing - I put the cake in Elder Paradas face! The members sure had a good laugh! 

Hermana Alexander

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