Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9, 2017


This week started off super great....we can drink COKE! hahaha We had a District Meeting and we have new rules and ways of working in the mission.  Now our main focus is finding new investigators and teaching them.  We of course still need to visit our less actives and recent converts, but our main focus is contacting and finding new people and having baptsims.  We are loving being apart of hastening the work here in Paraguay. Serving a mission is the best thing you can do.
This week Hermana Rodriguez and I were able to meet new people - Sabrina and Serhija.  Hermana Rodriguez got super sick so for three days we were without work.  We tried going out, but she could barley last a couple of minutes.  We have bonded during our time in the house. I took good care of her and made sure she had water and everything that she needed.  It made time at home go faster reading and visiting...she would sleep most of the day so I would be with the family in our yard.  I hung out with Mathias also.  I also played a tiny bit of soccer with Gabbi and Mathias and they couldn't believe how many goals I made haha.  I read a lot of talks in the Liahona and have watched pretty much all the church movies.  I was able to read a talk that President Hinkley gave in this months Liahona about having a positive attitude and helping others reach their potential.  I was a bit bummed that we couldn't go out and work, but stayed positive and loved the time that I spent with my comp and also the family that we live with. Hna Rodriguez received a blessing of health and I received a blessing of counsel.  It was a great experience.  Hermano Ramon gave us food as well.  We keep having crazy weather.  Heat, rain, more heat. 
Also the family from Brazil gave me a hymn book in Portuguese.  They even wrote a bit in it too.  When we were with them we sang hymns.  It is pretty neat! I will have it forever.  It is a book from their chapel....a bit beaten down but that's what makes it cool too.  I know I need to sing more! Baptisms, church, etc...but I sing in our lessons sometimes.  I am helping with my comps english...writing song lyrics in english.  She is writing lyrics too but in spanish for me. 
AWWWWW Maryn looks so good!  I know her talk was amazing.  I got the video of her song.  I was in tears! She is such a great example.  I am so grateful for my family and this gospel. What more can I ask for haha  I cannot wait for this upcoming week.  Trying to make everyday count. I feel like my mission is going by so
fast! So crazy! I love you all.  Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!  I love you so much and I really hope that you and the family have such a good week! I sure love hearing from you guys!  Send everyone my love!

Hermana Alexander

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